Some sobering stats: 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water but less than 1% is available for human use. Water is a limited resource, and with our current usage water poverty is set to impact two thirds of the population by 2025. The beauty industry can play a part in changing that bleak outlook: water makes up about 70% of most products. Not only that, but large quantities are also required for the manufacturing of many of the synthetic materials that go into the products (source: The Courage to Change report by the British Beauty Council). It doesn’t have to be that way though. I’ve previously sung the praises of waterless beauty: products that are formulated without water tend to be more sustainable as they are more compact than their water-filled counterparts, can be packaged in biodegradable materials, and reduce water usage. So I am choosing to once again highlight beauty bars and powders as part of Counter Culture’s #JustOneSwitch campaign. This online store specialising in ethical and sustainable beauty products encourages consumers to switch to a more eco-friendly beauty routine in support of the planet. Recognising that everyone has a part to play here, from brands to retailers and consumers (not to mention governments), Counter Culture invites you to make one product switch to see how easy it can be to start minimising your impact on the environment. It could be anything from ditching face wipes (a great one to start with if you’re still hanging on to those) to trying out shampoo bars (revolutionary, I’m a convert) or adopting multi-use products. In their words, ‘you don’t need to change everything, start with a single switch’. Which one takes your fancy is up to you, but here’s some inspiration to get you started, and to help you take the first step here’s 10% off your first order placed 30th November with code FRESHBEAUTY10.

Switch spray deodorant for… POSY Ginger & Mint Deodorant

I’ve tried quite a few natural deodorants and although I’m far from the sporty type, I’ve always struggled to get on with them. They smell great, but once on no amount of fragrant lavender or absorbing kaolin clay seems to be a match for a sweaty London commute (yes that is still a thing). But with POSY’s Ginger & Mint Deodorant I stand corrected. OK I’ve not put it to the test with a spinning class – the last time I did one of those was in 2019 – but for everyday running from one thing to the next, I can still make it to post work drinks without scaring colleagues away. Containing natural organic and natural ingredients, what I’m most impressed about is the packaging: entirely made of biodegradable paperboard, you just push the bottom of the pack to bring out the deodorant stick. 70g RRP £9.95

Switch bottle haircare for… POSY Ginger & Mint shampoo and conditioner bars

Haircare bars need no introduction – they are the best invention since soap bars. Eco-friendly, plastic-free, waterless and super compact, solid haircare should be a no brainer but it’s yet to be considered a mainstream product. POSY’s Ginger & Mint shampoo bar is made from coconuts with butters and oils to leave hair feeling soft and nourished. POSY claims one bar can last twice as long as an average sized shampoo bottle so it can be pretty economical too depending on your haircare budget. Shampoo RRP £7.50 and conditioner RRP £5.50 or £22.00 for shampoo + conditioner + deodorant

Switch Sheet Masks for… Bowe Get Glowing Face Mask Starter Kit

Well this is quite the kit. Skincare mask sales soared during the multiple lockdowns as skincare enthusiasts took to Instagram to show off their multi-masking skills. Evolve Beauty launched the most beautiful gold mask I’ve ever tried and Boots’ top selling Vitamin C range includes a pretty impressive brightening sleeping mask. Masks have upped their game recently and this one certainly presents well: the vegan and cruelty-free powder comes in a refillable jar (pouches coming soon) with a bamboo spoon to scoop the powder out, a beautifully decorated handmade ceramic bowl to put it in so you can mix with water and build up the desired consistency – I like mine quite thick. You then apply the paste with the brush provided, wait a few minutes without letting the mask dry out completely, then wipe off with one of the organic muslin cloths provided. With cleansing kaolin clay, purifying mineral-rich lava clay and calming chamomile, my skin feels balanced and refreshed. RRP £26.00

Switch liquid foundation for… HoneyPie Minerals Foundation Refills

It’s been a while since I’ve used powder foundation. Since moving to tinted moisturisers I’ve not looked back, but maybe it’s time to rediscover this format, especially now they’re available in refill pouches. I’ve emptied the contents of this 100% certified compostable kraft paper pouch into a Sulapac jar (made from FSC-certified sustainable wood) which was previously home to a cocooning Happi Body Co Cleansing Melt. It doesn’t have a sifter but I just tap the excess into the lid. The coverage is light but I detect no caking or creasing throughout the day, so it gets my vote. 10g RRP £12.99

Inspired yet? Don’t forget to use code FRESHBEAUTY10 to get 10% off your first order placed before 30th November.

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