Hello to all beauty enthusiasts, and welcome to FRESH BEAUTY FIX. With 15 years’ beauty expertise I aim to share my insider knowledge, with a focus on sustainable and natural products, from organic skincare to iconic cosmetics and cruelty-free hair care.


Who am I

I grew up in Paris and now live in London, and both cities feel like a big part of who I am. When I first moved, a Londoner who regularly visited Paris explained that London was his wife and Paris his mistress. I can’t imagine using that analogy (more of a guy thing) but I get his drift. As a French-British bilingual I have found my appreciation of both cultures very handy working with many French beauty brands on the UK market.

Beauty experience

After graduating in Psychology and applying for about 30 jobs (including MI5 until I realised I’d have to give up my French nationality), I landed an internship with Givenchy Beauty in marketing. My job was to research what other beauty brands were launching, analysing sales results and creating a customer newsletter, which back then was sent… yep, by post.

From then on I was hooked to beauty and moved on to Bourjois, a colour cosmetics brand that still holds a special place in my heart. This was an amazing experience and truly so much fun. Work got done too I promise: from product launches to in-store promotions and media campaigns, I learned a lot on the job. This experience gave me the platform to side step into launching the first certified natural mass cosmetics brand in the UK.

My next jump took me to fragrance, where I was managing the likes of French heritage fashion and perfume house Lanvin, ultra feminine Lolita Lempicka (I actually grew up wearing the brand’s first ever fragrance) and re-launching quirky Anna Sui on the UK market.

I’ve delved into product development too, working with an international team to create and distribute sustainable branded toiletries to luxury hotels all around the world. We partnered with some beautiful brands including ELEMIS, Penhaligon’s and Amouage.

One of my more recent roles was working for American skincare giant Clinique, managing the brand’s strong Gift with Purchase program throughout all stores.

Thanks to a variety of experiences I’ve touched on all major beauty categories, from skincare to colour cosmetics, fragrance and body care. FRESH BEAUTY FIX allows me to focus my attention on natural beauty, spanning organic, cruelty-free, vegan and clean brands. Sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of every brand and what they do, say and promise. I’m passionate about highlighting the positive steps we can all take towards a more sustainable approach to beauty.

What I love

Apart from all things beauty? Mmmmm… Sunday lie-ins, a chilled glass of rosé (or two) on a summer evening, belly laughing with friends, French bulldogs, Jane Austen and Bollywood films – especially if featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

I hope you enjoy this blog, please get in touch via the WORK WITH ME & CONTACT page if you have any queries. 

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