After discovering this vegan and cruelty-free nail brand hailing from Denmark just a couple of months ago, I now can’t get enough of Nail Kind’s gentle plant-based formulas. They apply so easily you could balance the pot in one hand and swipe your nail three times (side, side, middle) with the brush in the other, and not make a mess. The colour palette is one of the more interesting yet wearable ones I’ve come across, the coverage is opaque even after just one coat and after a couple of coats and a topcoat you’ve got yourself a manicure that’ll last a generous week chip-free. What’s not to like? Here I review three shades from their autumn collection totalling 5 shades. Thinking of traditional fall shades – burnt orange, warm burgundy, maybe a kaki or a maroon – I wouldn’t have come up with the selection Nail Kind have pulled together. Ranging from a sandy beige to a bright royal blue, these shades don’t seem to form a coherent or obvious colour palette, yet together they look great and individually they have – and impart – a strong identity.

Nail Kind nail polish in Ink Me

I really don’t think I can go by Nail Kind’s shade names for a true representation of the colour. What would a nail polish called Ink Me look like? I’d envision a deep navy blue that makes your nails look like they’re reflecting the night time sky. But this shade shines bright and will pop against any skin tone. A fantastic colour more akin to a royal blue, it will brighten up any outfit without looking garish or overdone. A modern take on ink. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind nail polish in Snake Charmer

Another odd choice of name – maybe something lost in translation or to keep you guessing. I would call this more of a forest green shade but softening it with a little grey tone. The colours look so sophisticated it feels like I’m painting my nails in Farrow & Ball. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind nail polish in Cashmere Kiss

Well I was not expecting this to be my favourite colour out of the three here. Having recently discovered and reviewed Nail Kind’s dusty rose Pink Elephants, Sienna’s Rosie shade and Kester Black’s tinted base coat I thought I’d had my fill of nude alternatives. But then along came Cashmere Kiss, an incredibly pale creamy pinky beige that looks deceptively like a nude until you apply it. Even against pale winter skin it pops, providing a more elegant version of the white manicure but a more off beat option to the ubiquitous nude. And finally I get this shade name: it perfectly complements those soft winter knits in chic buttercream hues. 8ml RRP £8.95

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