As a young, keen and – yes – naive marketing intern, as a first work experience joining the Givenchy beauty team is pretty much as good as it gets. I debunked a few beauty workplace myths in my very first Fresh Beauty Fix post but one I didn’t touch on was that conversation topics were overwhelmingly centred around beauty – because it’s sort of true. When you’re passionate about your industry it tends to leak into other areas of your life. Post work drinks talk frequently revolved around one’s pre-holiday spray tan or another’s favourite facial treatment. On an intern’s salary a day at the spa was just the stuff of dreams. I’ve since experienced some beautifully relaxing treatments from the likes of Clarins and Elemis (the House of Elemis – just wow!), but in the interim I’d learnt to create a little spa bubble at home. Here are a few tools you can rely on to help you relax in your own space.

Product selection for creating a spa experience at home

Light a candle

In winter I used to come home from work and light a candle every night. This habit has unfortunately fallen by the wayside since the arrival of the little one – no point trying to create a relaxing ambience with a tantruming toddler as background noise. But once he’s safely tucked into bed and the yogurt has been cleaned off the table (and floor and walls) a candle sounds like a welcome treat. I shy away from heavy musky scents so this pink grapefruit scented candle from Durance fits the bill. When first lighting it ensure that the full top layer of wax melts, right up to the edges, before blowing it out. As you continue using it the wax will burn down evenly rather than creating a well-shaped hole. Durance Perfumed Candle Pink Grapefruit 180g RRP £15.50 

Rituals foaming shower gel mousse on hand

Indulge in a bath

A DIY spa treat is prime time for a bath. One of those long, hot, bubbly soaks. It’s the kind of luxury I rarely indulge in at home, but in my previous job working for a hotel cosmetics distributor when staying at a hotel overnight I somehow always made time for a relaxing soak in one of those huge freestanding baths. Well it was for *ahem* research purposes, testing competitors’ shampoos and shower gels stocked in the hotel bathroom. Recreating the same luxurious vibe in my bathroom is a little challenging, however I’ve picked up some useful hotel tips over the years (which you can read in Hotel Style Bathroom Decor Ideas) and scent is a key component so choosing the right bath salts or soak for you can make all the difference. Inspired by ancient Asian traditions, home and body care brand Rituals is no stranger to creating fragrances that aim to enhance your senses. The Ritual of Dao Foaming Shower Gel is enriched with calming white lotus and the texture, which initially starts off as a gel, gradually transforms into a light creamy mousse when sprayed onto skin. The Ritual of Dao Foaming Shower Gel 50ml RRP £4.50

Woman holding Japanese tea cup

Pick your tipple

With your candle lit and the bath running you have time to choose a drink to sip and help you unwind. If it’s been one of those days I reach for the bottle of wine – or hey prosecco if that’s more your vibe – and if you’re in a cleansing virtuous mood a herbal tea will do the trick. Since discovering green, jasmine and rose teas during my regular visits to Hong Kong a few years ago I love having one most evenings. Accompanied by chocolate so not very virtuous, but I’m hoping it still delivers benefits…

Nourish whilst cleansing

An at-home spa experience wouldn’t be complete without the spa pro that is Elemis. With more than 1,600 spas and salons across the globe, some in the most incredible 5 star resorts (Jumeirah’s Talise Spa in the Maldives!) this British skincare and spa brand knows a thing or two about treatments. As you soak in your bathtub slather on a generous dose of Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm onto your face and massage in to remove makeup, breathing in the amazing scent of sweet almond, lavender and coconut oils. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 105g RRP £43.00


Multi-tasking beauty time

Hair masks can be a bit of a faff as well as a time consuming extra to add to your evening beauty routine, so this is the perfect opportunity to crack open a tub of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and give your locks a little attention. A DIY spa evening is the ideal time to dedicate to beauty treatments that need to sink into skin or hair to really get to work and this pre-shampoo hair mask is one of them. On slightly wet hair apply the Elasticizer to the mid-lengths and ends, pop on the shower cap provided and leave the formula to work its magic for 20 minutes before rinsing off and carrying on with your usual shampoo. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 150ml RRP £32.00

Finish with an oil

Once your finger tips have wrinkled and the bath water can only be described as tepid, the final step in your home spa experience is really down to personal choice: are you more of a cream or oil person? I love to slather on rich body butters (to hell with the bed sheets!) but for the face this feels like the right time for a nourishing oil. Rosehip oil is one of my favourite skincare ingredients: this light oil is an incredible moisturiser that’s rapidly absorbed so doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Fushi’s Organic Rosehip Oil comes in a generous 100ml bottle and works applied alone or mixed with your usual face cream. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who’s a dab hand at massages (and willing of course) that would be the perfect end to an at-home spa experience. Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml RRP £18.00

Do you have any tips for creating a spa experience at home ? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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