I’ve previously shared my tips to create a spa haven at home in my blog post How to Create a Spa Experience at Home, and thanks to Comfort Zone’s kindly gifted Tranquillity products I’ve got the perfect tools to treat myself to a new home spa experience. I wasn’t familiar with this Italian brand of professional spa and wellness products until Nichola Galletly – this month’s #beautyinsider interviewee – told me about it over a post-work drink or two. Founded in Parma nearly a quarter of a century ago by a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist, the luxurious product formulas are vegan and free from silicones, mineral oils, parabens and artificial colours. Still family owned, the group which Comfort Zone is part of became a B Corporation in 2016, meaning it’s recognised as a business with high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. In short, this is a company that doesn’t sacrifice social responsibility for the sake of the bottom line. Here I put to the test three products featuring the brand’s signature scent Tranquillity.

Comfort Zone Tranquillity range

Comfort Zone Tranquillity Oil

What a beautiful bottle. The angular flacon and cap in thick frosted glass is reminiscent of Chanel’s iconic fragrance bottle shape, so this will easily take pride of place in my bathroom. Similar to beautifully crafted perfume bottles such as the Murano collection from The Merchant of Venice, this is the kind of beauty packaging you won’t want to throw away, even if it is into the recycling bin. Once I use up the oil I will be pealing off the front and back labels and applying white spirit to remove the tacky residue left behind, resulting in a clean and unbranded glass jar ready for re-use. For what exactly I’m not sure yet, I think I’ll be doing a little Instagram or Pinterest snooping for upcycling inspo. As for the oil itself? I typically reserve body oils for the summer when I can get away with a slight sheen on skin and aren’t sporting layers of clothing getting smeared in the stuff. But the scent here is far from a summery coconut scent: this aromatic blend of essential oils produces an elegant and soothing grown up oil with a silky texture that sinks into skin for a nourishing result. It’s one of those well balanced scents that I’m instantly drawn to and can’t get enough of – in the same way I would keep coming back to Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe natural blend of essential oils. With 89% natural ingredients, I’m drawn to the softness of the sandalwood, the femininity of the rose and the freshness of the sweet orange. This multi-purpose oil can be used several ways: the brand’s Trade Marketing Manager Nichola Galletly suggests massaging into skin as a nourishing oil, leaving on hair as an overnight treatment or – her favourite – pouring into the bath for the ultimate at home spa experience. I went with the first option after a luxuriously long shower, but will definitely be treating myself to a mid week soak in this fragrant oil. 200ml RRP £44.00

Comfort Zone Tranquillity oil on marble top

Comfort Zone Tranquillity Body Cream

This is where using the oil in the bath comes into play: by soaking in a Tranquillity oil-infused bath you can then play with fragrance layering: simply follow up with the body cream of the same range which features the same active ingredients as the oil. This rich thick cream keeps my skin smooth and hydrated throughout the day and to me perfectly exemplifies the feeling of cocooning self care you get from a spa-inspired treat. Although I haven’t highlighted it in this post, the correct way of writing the brand name is [ comfort zone ]. Why the brackets? I guess it’s open to interpretation but I see these as representing that cocooning feeling achieved through the use of wellbeing products. That moment of peace and calm separated from the hectic day to day tasks. Also, a great functionality I’ve just discovered on the feelunique website: you can click on any of the ingredients on the list to get the full low down on its purpose. Quite handy if you’ve come across an ingredient several times but don’t know what it can do for your skin, or if a particular ingredient has taken your fancy. 180g RRP £40.00

Comfort Zone Tranquillity cream with shells

Comfort Zone Tranquillity Candle

No at home spa experience can be complete without a soothingly scented candle burning in the background. To complete this Comfort Zone Tranquillity indulgence, light this aromatic candle as you run the oil-infused bath to benefit from a double hit of soothing fragrance. You’ll need to ensure that the candle is left to burn for at least 4 hours before you blow it out, this will give you an evenly melted wax rather than creating a well-shaped hole. If you avoid that dreaded hole you can expect at least 55 hours of lighting. Considering the wide range of prices you can expect to pay for scented candles – the Fornasetti ones at around £200 a pop seem particularly extravagant – this one seems reasonably priced, especially when you consider that the greige jar makes perfect upcycling fodder in the form of a vase for stubby stemmed bushy flowers.  280g RRP £25.00

Comfort Zone Tranquillity candle on mantlepiece

Do you have any at home spa habits to share? Or a spa brand which has caught your attention? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

Features gifted products.


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