Welcome to the next instalment of the #beautyinsider Q&As, where you can find out who is behind some of your favourite beauty brands, what they are working on and how they got there. This month’s guest is Lorna Brennan, Founder and Director at Coco Beautique, a London-based beauty and wellbeing destination offering treatments and therapies. I discovered Coco Beautique through Treatwell and got chatting to Lorna over a bikini wax – as you do. Find out the inspiration behind the brand name and the salon’s faithful beauty mascots.

Lorna E. Brennan Founder and Director of Coco Beautique

1. Hi Lorna, thank you for being my Insider Q&A guest this month. Let’s start with you: how did you get into beauty, what motivated you to pursue this career?

It was so natural to follow into beauty and wellbeing as I had a great role model in my mother, Irene, who has exquisite taste and style. She remarked that ‘fashion changes but taste remains’. So growing up I was practicing that and would eventually practice as a professional therapist. We all give ourselves treatments and therapies – I just went and took the exams! My motivation comes from seeing how gradual and sustained treatments and therapies enhance how we feel and look, assisting us to make the most of life.

2. Tell me about your brand name: what was the inspiration and what would you like your customers to take from it?

I would like to introduce you to the concept of Coco: an all embracing path to beauty and wellbeing. We have Coco Beautique, a bespoke salon de beauté; Luxus London, a beauty and wellbeing outreach service to some of the most prestigious addresses in London; and Luxe Lo Consultancy where, through  personal one to one sessions a beauty regime is developed by me for you. We also provide spa management as well as spa design consultancy.

The  name ‘Coco’ refers to Gabrielle Chanel, highlighting her more intimate nickname rather than her better known brand name. Our salon decor is inspired by her studio where ladies would visit for fittings of her awe inspiring clothes. But they left with a feeling of being unique and a part of something special. I want all our clients to feel that they are unique and special to us at Coco. We aim to build a relationship of confidence and trust with our clients.

Coco Beautique beauty salon in camden passage

3. Coco Beautique isn’t your typical beauty salon. What makes it stand out from other beauty salons on the high street?

Firstly our salon has been carefully designed to evoke a feeling of calm and elegance. Soft lighting and period furniture invite our clients to begin their therapies by relaxing, often with a glass of bubbly in hand. Our therapists are specifically chosen for their skill  and competence and must display a client centered approach. Our therapies and treatments  are bespoke to each client.  Life is not 9-5 so to facilitate our clients we don’t have set opening hours but rather wrap our engagements around our clients’ availability. Our appointments can be made by text, telephone or on line, and of course our clients, familiar or new, are welcome to just walk in.We are located on the  modern high street but strive to bring the elegance of a by-gone era to our endeavours. This is well received and appreciated by our clients, many of whom have become friends. Did I mention that we are cat and dog friendly? My Executive Management Team consists of Cica the cat and Coco-Belle the dog (surprise surprise). I consult them on all major issues!

4. As a business owner what does a typical day look like for you?

My day typically starts at 7am with a large mug of strong coffee (one of my vices) and a routine and well rehearsed trawl of my texts and emails so that I can prioritise what I need to do that day. I visit the gym on the way to the salon to refresh my body and to focus my mind.Then it is non-stop work, consultations, treatments, administration and most importantly catering to our clients’ needs. Most days are busy with bookings and site visits that often go on well into the evening and as the day ends we begin preparing for the next day. Our team is close knit, we share all the tasks and when the work is done we’ve been known to indulge in cream cakes and cappuccinos whilst listening to good music. Then it’s off home to snuggle on the couch and shake off the day mentally.

Coco Beautique beauty salon in Islington

5. Insider tips please! What beauty recommendations do you share most often with your customers?

Less is more! We focus on providing the highest quality of service rather than promoting specific brands or products. It’s important for us to tailor the beauty regime to each client, giving you the best results over time. This is what we offer at Coco Beautique.

6. And to end on a high – you’re celebrating your one year anniversary and being ranked in the top 16 London salons by Treatwell… what’s next?

We were so honoured to receive this superior ranking and it is a credit to the entire Coco Team.We will now strive to maintain the high standard of customer care recognized by Treatwell, continuing to make clients feel as if they are the only ones in the salon. Then hopefully a holiday on the horizon!

If you have any burning questions you’d like to ask Lorna why not leave a comment below? Or you can get in touch with her directly on Instagram.


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