Hold the phone! This month Fushi launched their new BioVedic™ Skincare Range, a 3-step collection to promote glowing skin. Well who wouldn’t want that? Typically known for their Ayurvedic-inspired freshly pressed oils (as reviewed in my post on natural facial oils for healthy skin), these 3 products provide a welcome skincare addition to their offering. Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, is increasingly cropping up in beauty and food and has been branded by Elle as ‘the wellness trend remedying your millennial stress’ and brings a holistic approach to your skincare, incorporating other aspects of your life from diet to sleep and exercise. Here I find out what benefits Fushi’s new skincare range can deliver.

Three natural skincare products with coloured glasses

BioVedic™ Enzyme Face Wash

Reading my blog posts it’ll be no surprise to know that out of all the beauty categories, be it hair, makeup or fragrance, skincare is what I find most interesting these days. When I worked for French cosmetics company Bourjois I had access to the latest makeup launches, and Bourjois had some really cool and quirky products, including mini lipgloss phone charms (remember phone charms?!) and in my opinion one of the best glittery nail polishes out there. When it came to beauty my twenties were all about fun eyeshadow shades (fuschia, turquoise and burnt orange were particular highlights) and experimenting with fake tan – three layers just before a big sales meeting was definitely two layers too far. But my thirties have seen me turn more to skincare and how it can improve what’s beneath the makeup. This face wash was a pleasant surprise, not that I was expecting a poor performance from Fushi, but I love that the formula felt super gentle on skin yet also including exfoliating particles. As mentioned in my review of Niskama’s Gentle Smoothing Face Polish I love a good mechanical – rather than chemical – scrub. This botanical face wash combines the best of both worlds for me: an exfoliator thanks to quite sparse particles combined with a gentle base that lathers up to cleanse whilst still leaving skin feeling soft, so even if used daily I don’t feel like I’ve stripped my skin or scrubbed the top layer off, as you get with some of the harsher options. It’s all those ground herbs and fresh pressed oils (brightening Rice Bran, hydrating Rose Otto and repairing Coconut to name but a few) that offer such a nourishing result. 150ml RRP £15.00 

Three natural skincare products with rose buds on a wooden background

BioVedic™ Radiance Face Cream 

Since discovering Fushi’s organic rosehip oil I haven’t tried a product from the brand that I wouldn’t use again. Case in point with this face cream: it hydrates my skin just the right amount, tackling dry patches on my cheeks but without leaving an oily residue. Formula-wise it includes Manjistha, the skincare collection’s star ingredient featured in all three products. I’d never come across this herb before: hailed as a superfood and used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, Manjistha is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory making it suitable for acne-prone skin – right up my street. Combined with omega rich Kalahari Melon Seed oil which restores skin’s fatty acids, this face cream delivers a radiant complexion right up until evening with no need to reapply throughout the day. 50ml RRP £20.00

Three natural skincare products in amber glass bottles

BioVedic™ Radiance Face Oil

Now this is going to sound like a beauty rookie’s kind of discovery, but when Fushi suggested combining this radiance oil to the range’s face cream ‘for a boost of hydration’ I have to admit I’d never mixed oil and cream together before. Compared the pros and cons of both? Yes. Mixed moisturiser with foundation? Sure. So why didn’t I think of doing this simple 2-in-1 time saver before? I don’t know but I love it. If you’re familiar with Fushi’s Heavenly Rose & Jasmine Gift Set you would have already had a preview of this BioVedic™ Radiance Face Oil before its official launch this month. When I tried the oil included in the gift set I found it rich and nourishing and kept it to evening applications rather than mornings as I find makeup tends to slide off more easily with an oil underneath. But now that I’m mixing it to the moisturiser? Whole different ball game. Four drops added to one small pump of Fushi’s BioVedic™ Radiance Face Cream comfortably covers face and neck. If you don’t typically include oils in your skincare routine, mixing a couple of drops to your moisturiser provides an easy way to add extra nutrients to your skin such as protective Raspberry Seed, skin brightening Rice Bran and vitamin rich Moringa. 30ml RRP £22.00

Have you tried Ayurvedic-inspired skincare? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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