Who would’ve thought hand care could garner so much attention? And not just the more glamorous products such as the luscious hand cream, the high performing hand serum or the nourishing cuticle oil, but also the much humbler handwash: the product you reach for on autopilot several times a day, without giving it a second thought. It’s not part of an involved 10-step skincare regime or an indulgent spa-at-home bathing ritual. It very much falls into the wash and go approach. Effective, functional and straightforward, the handwash finally has its moment in the limelight as the virus-fighting hero (although the hand sanitiser probably ranks even higher in that category). From niche luxury to high street value, here is a selection of hand washes I’ve been using this past year.

Elemis Revitalise-Me Hand Wash

I discovered Elemis’ Revitalise-Me bodycare collection 8 years ago when I was responsible for developing their hotel amenities. We had only recently made that range available to the hospitality sector and immediately it took off. If you’re familiar with the scent you’ll see why: fresh, clean and uplifting with notes of Thyme, Basil and Neroli, it’s impossible to strongly object to such a pleasingly inoffensive fragrance. It’s not cheap by any means, but if you buy as a duo with the hand lotion you’ll cut the cost by nearly 30%. 300ml RRP £28.00

Bastide Ambre Soir Provence Liquid Hand Wash

This is one of the most beautiful and unusual scents I’ve come across for handwash. I’d never heard of Bastide until now, but as a beauty and wellbeing brand based in Provence, a French region of so many evocative scents, it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to this rich and complex amber scent. And their other ranges are equally appealing, from lavender to honey and fig. Formulated with 96.5% natural ingredients, this handwash contains olive oil to ensure your hands are left feeling nourished and soft. I’ve nearly come to the end of the weighty frosted amber glass bottle which I will be keeping and reusing. 300ml RRP £24.00

Botanicals Nourishing Hand and Body Wash

Previously reviewed in my Wash Your Hands! blogpost, this hand wash from British indie brand Botanicals offers an aesthetically pleasing, certified organic and beautifully scented option. The thick formula is 100% natural and boasts 95% organic ingredients, including antioxidant-rich sunflower oil (the first ingredient after water), moisturising glycerin and lots of flower oils: rose, geranium, lavender (for its antiseptic properties), lemongrass and ylang-ylang. 200ml RRP £15.00

Creightons Body Bliss Vanilla and Macadamia Hand Wash

And now we get to the high street great value hand wash. I previously reviewed this one in my Creightons Body Bliss blogpost where I discovered three very different scents, from sickly sweet Raspberry & Pomegranate to summery Coconut Water and this vanilla sponge cake-like Vanilla & Macadamia. It all sounds a bit much but the latter does work as long as you’re into sweet scents. And this is probably one of the best value ones I’ve come across, as it’s now available at Boots for only £1! 500ml RRP £1.00

Friendly Soap Peppermint and Poppy Seed soap

For those who prefer a solid waterless bar format there is this refreshing Peppermint soap from vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free niche British brand Friendly Soap. The scent certainly wakes you up if you’re suffering from morning sluggishness or a mid-afternoon slump. A generously sized bar that offers great value for money. 95g RRP £2.25

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