A luxury hotel bathroom conjures images of free standing bathtubs, fluffy white bathrobes and lashings of marble. Unlike Coco Chanel who lived in a suite at The Ritz in Paris, most of us don’t have access to a bathroom hotel on a daily basis. However it is possible to elevate your bathroom decor with a few hotel-inspired style tricks.

Asprey Purple Water Liquid Soap in bathroom FreshBeautyFix

Less is more

A phrase you can adopt in many situations: beauty (lips or eyes never both), fashion (Coco Chanel’s famous tip of taking one thing off before leaving the house), and interiors – unless you’re going for a baroque style. The bathroom is probably the space in your home this applies to the most, where fussy objects and random decorations can look out of place. Keep this zone fuss-free to ensure that even the smallest bathroom gives off an air of zen and relaxation.

Choose a colour palette

If you’re lucky enough to own your home and have the time and money it can be very rewarding to re-do your bathroom. Personal taste can vary hugely when it comes to bathroom styles so it’s no surprise that the most popular home improvement is a fitted bathroom. Before getting carried away with tiles, mosaics and taps, decide on a colour palette. Mine is white, grey and a splash of fuchsia, but white, turquoise and a hint of black works well too, or white, pale wood and dove grey for a beachy vibe.

Bathroom with fuchsia accent colour FreshBeautyFix

Refresh your towels

The great thing about towels is that they last forever right? So when was the last time you changed your towels? I’m the first to put my hands up and admit it’s been a while. The guest towels I bought still feel invitingly soft whereas mine come out of the wash flat, stiff and sandpapery (although I do secretly like that exfoliating sensation you get from a rough towel post-shower). So if yours are mismatched, stained, frayed or have turned a gentle shade of murky taupe, it’s time for a refresh. White ones are an easy option as they won’t clash with any other colours you’ve chosen for your bathroom, or you can match them to your accent colour. If you’re after the full hotel decor experience you can actually buy bath linens from the likes of luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton.

Create a focal point

This applies to any room, and for bathrooms it can be a shell collection, unusual mirror or your most luxurious beauty products collated on a tray. Having a focal point will draw the eye to an object you want to highlight and keep attention away from less aesthetically pleasing areas. For this to work though it’s important to keep the rest of the room pared down and clear of clutter, to let the centrepiece do the talking.

Bathroom with shells as focal point FreshBeautyFix

Travel-size your toiletries

OK here we go: the beauty section. What I’m proposing here is not the most practical advice, but it would definitely bring your bathroom one step closer to channeling a luxury hotel’s: display a matching set of miniature toiletries. As this week’s #beautyinsider Justine Lacaille can confirm, most hotel suites and especially the luxury ones have a smart set of body care minis showcased in the bath, usually shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, with a matching bar of soap by the washbasin. Many brands offer travel sizes which you can find on the high street, but if you’re after a little extra skincare indulgence check out my review of Elemis travel sizes. For a more eco-friendly option treat yourself to a body care range in large pump dispenser format or even better opt for generic ceramic ones which you can fill and refill.

Bathroom with mini Chopard toiletries FreshBeautyFix

Clean up your beauty stash

I know this one sounds a little ironic coming from me, considering all the lotions and potions I slather myself in on a daily basis, but it’s worth going through a beauty cleanse on a regular basis to declutter your bathroom. Is the product still in date? If not, discard it. When was the last time you used it? If it was a while ago and you’re not keen on using it again, throw or give it away. Is it suitable for your skin? If not, throw or give it away. Instead of displaying masses of haircare, skincare and bodycare products in your shower or bath, just have the everyday essentials out – I’m talking shampoo, conditioner, face wash and shower gel. Everything else that gets used less often – body scrub, hair and face masks – can be hidden away in drawers and cupboards.

Invite nature in

This can be a little tricky if you’re short on shelf space which you’d rather dedicate to your ever growing skincare collection. But you may want to reconsider and offer up enough room for at least one plant when you read about the physical and mental health benefits a bit of greenery can provide. Plants have been proven to increase indoor air quality as well as reduce stress and lower blood pressure. If you’re not green fingered, opt for a low maintenance option such as a money plant or an orchid (even I manage to keep those alive). I’d love to grow a green wall in my bathroom, and with the humidity from hot showers I’m convinced it would thrive… watch this space.

Do you have any bathroom decor ideas to share to make your bathroom feel more luxurious? Leave a comment below to let me know.


  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    I’ve been meaning to have a read of this! Your bathroom looks fab, love the pink towels! I like a fluffy towel, however, I agree on the exfoliating qualities and drying power of a rough towel. Mine are like cardboard unless I tumble them. We live in a converted barn so there’s no marble to be had 😩 I have a skincare cupboard to hide away all my products . Love this post!

    Samantha x

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