French pharmacy skincare brand Caudalie is on a roll. They’ve been busy these last few months, with the re-packaging of their Vinoclean cleanser range into 100% recycled plastic bottles, the re-formulation of their bestselling Vinoperfect Serum for even better results, the new and improved Vinosource collection with added steps to the skincare routine, and the launch of Vinergetic C+, Caudalie’s answer to the vitamin C skincare trend which is still going strong. Claiming to be the brand’s first unisex collection (although I don’t see why men couldn’t use any of their other ranges), natural and vegan Vinergetic C+ delivers a shot of every skincare enthusiast’s favourite vitamin to energise tired looking skin. Here I put four products to the test (from a range of five, I’m missing the mask) to see if my forever dull skin perks up after a 3-week trial.

Vinergetic C+ Vitamin C Energy Serum

As a big fan of Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Serum and having tried a few of their other serums, I’ve come to really appreciate their hydrating, sink-into-skin gel-like texture and light fresh scent. This Vinergetic C+ Serum is no exception (although worth noting it’s fragrance-free), with the added claim of instantly illuminating and re-plumping skin. This is based on a clinical trial where 93% of the 44 volunteers agreed their skin looked less tired – high score but small sample of participants. Still, when testing morning and evening during 28 consecutive days, you should be able to rely on some dependable results. With the brand’s usual high content of natural ingredients, one pump dispenses enough product for the face and neck, leaving skin feeling hydrated but not tacky, and looking plump which eases the drawn out look you can get with a tired complexion. 30ml RRP £38.00

Vinergetic C+ Brightening Eye Cream

The jury’s out whether eye cream should be applied before or after serum: before so that the delicate eye area is not overloaded with residue serum left on fingertips, or after so that you can lock in moisture as soon as skin is cleansed. I’m in the latter camp so this featherlight cream comes next, claiming to reduce dark circles, smooth and moisturise the eye contour. You’ll find caffeine in this formula, a popular ingredient found in eye products to reduce puffiness and dark circles. You’ll just need half a grain of rice-sized amount to cover both eyes, top and bottom. Top tip that applies to most eye products: keep in the fridge for an added de-puffing effect. 15ml RRP £29.00

Vinergetic C+ 3-in-1 Vitamin C Energy Moisturizer

I was initially surprised at the choice of packaging for this moisturiser: a long thin tube with a very precise nozzle you’d typically find on eye creams to ensure you don’t accidentally squeeze out too much product. Surely my skin could do with a generous dollop of this cream? But no, a small amount really does go a long way and I’m amazed that my skin completely bypasses the mid-afternoon dry patches that see me reapplying moisturiser over makeup. I’m always in favour of a multipurpose product so the 3-in-1 claim has me hooked: brightens, hydrates and protects from pollution. This is a trio of benefits I increasingly come across, and with urban skin often suffering from dehydration, dullness and exposure to pollutants (I fit that profile perfectly), I’m betting this will become a standard for many moisturisers. True to Caudalie’s signature ingredient, this contains antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols for a radiance boost to combat tired-looking skin. The clinical studies on this 97% natural fragrance-free formula have an even smaller pool of participants than the serum – it is an expensive exercise for smaller brands – so the best way to find out what results it’ll yield is really to give it a go and find out first hand. 40ml RRP £34.00

Vinergetic C+ Overnight Detox Oil

If anyone still regards facial oils dubiously – too messy, occlusive, not suitable for combination skin, leaves marks on pillowcases – this could be a good one to help turn sceptics around: light but moisturising, easily absorbed by skin, a dry texture that doesn’t leave residue on your bedsheets, this 100% natural organic-certified oil is suitable for all skin types. And with lavender, neroli, musk rose and sweet almond oils, it boasts Caudalie’s trademark beautifully delicate scents. Directions of use recommend using 6 drops but I’ve found 4 drops post-serum are more than enough, and you can leave the moisturiser for your morning skincare routine. 30ml RRP £31.00

I usually have a clear favourite within any new range I try, however on this occasion all four products work in harmony to provide a very straightforward morning and evening skincare routine, none of them jostling for a starring role. Another winning range from Caudalie, but the glow-giving Vinoperfect range remains my top choice.

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