The month of January is best for: making healthy new year resolutions you’re likely to break; signing up to a gym you’ll never set foot in post-induction; committing to dry January before realising wine is what gets you through this dark month. All healthy commitments, but tough to stick to because you reap the benefits over the long term. Good things come to those who wait but I’m far from being a patient person, which is probably why I’ve never given up wine. But when it comes to looking after my skin, I’m a walking contradiction: I want to see instant results in a facial but I’m happy to give skincare products 4 weeks to unveil their magic. And if there’s a skin concern that requires time, patience and consistency it’s pigmentation. Damaged or unhealthy skin cells affect melanin production, which is what gives skin its colour. Summer months spent sunbathing – the instant gratification of a golden tan! – means my skin now bears a constant patchy appearance. This visibly reduces during the winter months when sun exposure is minimal, which brings me back to January: a great month to tackle pigmentation, while skin isn’t exposed to the harsh rays of summer sun. I need a double pronged attack, prevention and treatment in the form of skincare brand and skin clinic Pietro Simone. With two clinics based in London and New York offering cutting edge treatments, as well as a range of results-driven skincare, I’m hoping a Pietro Simone regime will be my skin health resolution of the year.

Clear Lift treatment

Based in the very chic Flemings Mayfair Hotel, Pietro Simone’s London clinic is ideally situated for a post-work treatment. The elegant and professional facialist Payal (with flawless skin of course) enquires after my skincare routine and skin concerns. I tell her I’m after one thing: tackling my pigmentation. She had in mind a relaxing facial but quickly adapts to my request for something a little more specific and opts for the Clear Lift treatment which, for the next 45 minutes, will focus on increasing collagen to improve skin imperfections including uneven skin tone. This definitely feels more like a session at the dermatologist than a pampering facial – exactly what I was after. Payal uses an infrared laser and something called a Q-Switched laser across my face, paying particular attention to the pigmented areas. I hear little zapping sounds and feel what I can only describe as tiny electric shocks. Then an odd burning smell. Payal informs me that’s my skin, but nothing to worry about. It reminds me of when my dermatologist burns off skin tags. I know it all sounds highly unpleasant, but it absolutely isn’t painful, and there is no downtime whatsoever. My skin looks instantly brighter, with pigmentation noticeably toned down, and this should only get better the more treatments you come back for. 45min RRP £250

Pietro Simone Dewy Reboot

To accompany the impressive results from the treatment I receive two products from the Fierce collection. The marketing blurb about the range feels too intangible for me and I’m lost from the opening sentence: ‘an approach towards an individual’s Skin Personality. A positive attitude to pursue an active change for a stronger skin future’. There’s mention of a ‘light wavelength’. Then something about ‘empowering different demographics’. I skip straight to the product itself where I hope to be on firmer ground. And there I instantly latch on to some of my favourite ingredients: brightening vitamin C – tick. Hydrating hyaluronic acid – tick. Anti-pollutant shield – sounds good. I even spot Gold in the ingredient list. My skin drinks it up instantly and gives off a glowing finish, muting some of the pigmentation for a slightly more even skin tone, like a tonic against dullness. This is the first time I’ve come across a ‘suitable from 20 years of age upwards’ warning on the product web page – not sure what is driving that caution, but either way the price point is likely to be a barrier to most 18-year-olds. And my 20-year-old skin certainly wouldn’t have been as appreciative of this glow-in-a-bottle as it is now. 60ml RRP £85.00

Pietro Simone The Fierce Shield SPF20

Treating the damage already there is only half the battle – the last thing I want is for all of Payal’s good work to be undone by daily unprotected exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. Prevention is always best, so while summer months are non-negotiable SPF30 to 50 coverage-wise, London’s bleak skies see me toning down to SPF20 from October to March. The fantastic texture of this light shield is tricky to describe: it feels thicker than a gel but oddly with a clay rather than cream feel to it. The pinky grey formula provides a matt finish, like a primer. It protects from pollutants, UVA & UVB rays, strengthening and repairing skin as well as controlling sebum production. The name doesn’t do justice to this all-in-one antioxidant superhero. If there’s one product I’m keeping in this year’s skincare routine it’s this protecting SPF shield. 60ml RRP £65.00

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