How many beauty products do you use on a daily basis? This seemingly innocuous question can reveal a much broader beauty arsenal than you would have initially guesstimated. I used to believe my beauty routine was relatively streamlined (considering I work in the beauty industry and testing new products has always been part of my job) until I started posting my beauty empties. Then the physical proof of my beauty habits stares right back at me in the form of empty bottles and squashed tubes. But oh the satisfaction of working the last drop out of them all, sorting the recycling from the non-recyclable, and starting a fresh new pot of something. Here are my early spring empties spanning haircare, bodycare and as always, skincare.  


I was sold on this salon haircare brand when I saw a) the peachy pink packaging and b) Kristin Ess’ healthy shiny red mane. Neither are particularly valid reasons to pick a shampoo, but it’s a starting point. Luckily the actual product delivered on its promise to cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural oils thanks to its sulphate-free formula, leaving my hair feeling soft and hydrated. I’d recommend trialling it first if you’ve got a particularly irritable or sensitive scalp as mine did feel a little bit itchier than usual. It may also be a little too moisture-rich for oily hair, but it’s a winner for coloured or highlighted hair. 296ml RRP £8.00


You can’t have one without the other. A shampoo and conditioner duo is a bit like salt and pepper: you may not use both but they are always seen together. And amazingly I more or less finished this conditioner at the same time as the matching shampoo, where the conditioner would typically linger on the shelf a few weeks longer. So I must have been more diligent with dual application in this instance, resulting in smooth, soft and moisturised hair. Reasonably priced too for a salon brand. 296ml RRP £8.00

Earth Kind Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Shampoo Bar

Waterless beauty has been a steady constant these last few years in terms of sustainable beauty trends, and it’s been more apparent than ever in the haircare category, where traditional shampoo bottles are being swapped in favour of shampoo bars. I’ve tried a number of shampoo bars now and this one remains one of my favourites: gentle, cleansing and nourishing, it leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh yet my scalp nourished and calm. 50g RRP £6.95

Earth Kind shampoo bar


Am I obsessed with vitamin C skincare? Yes, as are many other beauty enthusiasts due to its multiple benefits: brightening, evening out skin tone, smoothing, tackling fine lines – is there anything this miracle ingredient can’t do? As one of the most searched for skincare ingredient on Google, it’s earned its place in my top 3 beauty ingredients, alongside rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid. So any serum, mask or booster claiming a decent vitamin C content has me slapping it on morning and evening – probably why I finished this bottle so quickly. It’s a bit of a funny texture, a gel that kind of foams when massaged into skin. Nice but I prefer Natura Siberica’s Brightening Face Serum for more brightening results. 30ml RRP £5.49


Another vitamin C serum, this one was pleasant but doesn’t beat my all time Caudalie favourite, the Vinoperfect Serum. Claiming to instantly illuminate and re-plump skin, it does give tired-looking skin a boost, but I felt like I used it up pretty quickly. 30ml RRP £38.00

The Inkey List 15% Vitamin C + EGF Serum

I must have been in need of a serious dose of brightening skincare to have worked my way through not one but three vitamin C serums in the last few months. Containing 15% Ascorbyl Glucoside, I apply one pump every morning to face and neck followed by SPF. Great price point but I still prefer the illuminating results I get from Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C 10%. 30ml RRP £14.99

Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Cleanser

I had a phase when working for a hotel toiletries distributor when I went a little overboard on travel size minis. Elemis offers a wide range of trial sizes, including their iconic Pro Collagen Cleanser. This cleanser is a little more obscure (in fame, not result) and it’s now been discontinued – at least it’s no longer available in the UK. Any skincare with ‘white’ in the name is likely to have been developed for the Asian market where pale skin is highly prized, whereas for the European market it would be positioned as a brightening product – oh and guess what, this contains vitamin C too and targets discolouration and dark spots for a more even skin tone.

Miss Organics Serene Harmony Body Oil

This lightweight vegan and cruelty-free body oil left my skin feeling super soft, with a healthy sheen that would look particularly flattering in the summer. The bottle could probably do with being twice the size as this 50ml content disappeared pretty quickly. 50ml RRP £22.00

Botanicals Sanitising Spritz

This has got to be one of the longest lasting hand sanitizers I’ve used. I’ve had the bottle in my handbag for so long, the label is practically unrecognisable. Not only is it cost effective, it’s also 100% natural and certified organic, and it leaves a lovely aromatic scent thanks to anti-bacterial lavender essential oil and anti-fungal tea tree essential oil. A hard-working little spray that’s well worth the price tag. 50ml RRP £5.95

Botanicals Hand Sanitiser Spray

Neal’s Yard Remedies Reviving White Tea Facial Mist

For me the best skincare routine always ends with a face mist. Not because it’s a crucial element to achieving outstanding results, but because it’s pleasant and feels like the skincare equivalent of spritzing perfume before leaving the house. It just sets everything. Brings a finishing touch. So I work my way through this 45ml bottle in no time as it’s right there on my desk and I compulsively reach for it throughout the day. It provides a fine mist with antioxidant-rich white tea and cooling organic aloe vera, and the scent is so fresh and delicate. 45ml RRP £13.00

Neal’s Yard Remedies Clarifying Mahonia Skin Gel

I’m a massive fan of Neal’s Yard Remedies Mahonia Clear Skin Formula which I credit with helping to keep in check breakouts along my jawline. So it’s no surprise that the Mahonia Skin Gel becomes a favourite just as fast. The tincture’s taste isn’t the easiest to swallow first thing in the morning, so this topical treatment makes for a suitable alternative. The small pump allows for precise application, but I prefer to spread it across the entire acne-prone area. Yes I get through this little vial pretty quickly too, but it works. 10ml RRP £16.50

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