Why is it that so many female-founded beauty brands end up with a man at the helm? Estee Lauder founded her eponymous brand back in 1946 and successfully expanded it to a multi-brand company – the CEO is now male. Environmental campaigner Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop, which is now owned by male-driven Brazilian cosmetics company Natura. Cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein built a beauty empire, her brand is now part of French beauty giant L’Oreal, which, you’ve guessed it, has a male CEO. I could go on but suffice to say that I’m always extra keen to support female-founded beauty brands. Point in case with 100% natural skincare brand Miss Organics, whose founder Anna launched her brand in 2016 when she felt disenchanted with the disconnect between what established brands claimed and what they actually offered. So it’s no surprise that her natural, ingredient-led products prioritise organic ingredients and vegan formulas. Marketeers are taught about the 4 Ps: product, price, place, promotion (which I explain in The Ordinary: what’s all the fuss about?). Anna turns this on its head and instead focuses on 4 different Ps:

  • People: improving people’s health and happiness through product quality and how the product makes you feel when you use it
  • Planet: using recyclable glass packaging as well as palm-oil free, ethically sourced and fair-trade ingredients
  • Pets: all products are vegan and cruelty-free
  • Plants: using minimally processed cold-pressed plants oils and potent raw plant extracts for maximum benefit to the skin (interestingly Anna points to research that shows organic crops boast up to 60% higher antioxidants than non-organic ones)

With a tight range of 3 face oils, 3 body oils, 3 lip balms and 3 gift sets, this is by no means a full skincare routine, but the 3 products I review easily slot into my existing beauty steps.

Miss Organics Perfect Balance Organic Face Oil

I’ve made no secret of my love for face oils. This may seem like a contradiction for someone with combination skin however – oil on oil? – however this one, as the name Perfect Balance suggests, works to regulate sebum production and purify skin thanks to jojoba oil, which most closely mimics the sebum naturally produced by skin, soothing evening primrose oil, and antimicrobial tea tree oil (a popular ingredient for acne sufferers). I apply 3 drops to cleansed skin post serum as part of my evening skincare routine, then nothing else, and that’s enough to keep my skin feeling nourished and balanced until morning. I’m particularly drawn to the delicate scent of lavender, bergamot and cedarwood essential oils. Whilst this facial oil does not deliver revolutionary results, the pleasure of applying it is half the benefit. 20ml RRP £32.00

Miss Organics Citrus Euphoria Organic Lip Balm

In one of my very first blog posts on Fresh Beauty Fix I shared my desert island beauty product: the humble lip balm. Four years on I still stand by my choice: a lip balm can restore chapped lips to their former glory, as well as protect them from future damage and keep them feeling soft and looking cared for. And seeing as you smile with lips, they are, along with teeth, a body part that seems well worth investing in. Miss Organics’ lime-scented offering is packed with soy wax and nourishing oils (castor, olive, coconut, jojoba) with without feeling heavy or gloopy, leaving a featherlight protective film over lips for a velvety feel. If you need deep repair for seriously damaged lips this is probably not it, but as an everyday preventative lip balm this little pot of goodness is seeing me through the winter months. 7ml RRP £11.00

Miss Organics Serene Harmony Organic Body Oil

The common theme I’ve found with all three Miss Organics products I’ve tried is that although they are oil-based, they are surprisingly lightweight. Yes they leave a protective layer on skin, but without leaving a heavy tacky residue, just a healthy sheen which is particularly flattering on limbs. What you’re left with is nourished, super soft skin, a result which also applies to this suits-all-skin-types body oil. With cold-pressed superfood seed oils, you’ll be feeding your skin with essential amino acids and vitamins, and it helps that the subtle scent is well rounded without being overpowering in any way. Ingredient highlights include apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil, sesame oil, vitamin E and ylang ylang. 50ml RRP £22.00

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