It was only a matter of time before I had enough Caudalie empties to fill a blogpost. The time has come! And I write this as I reach the bottom of yet another jar of Caudalie goodness. My love of French pharmacy skincare knows no bounds, and this particular brand earns extra brownie points for working hard on its eco-credentials. Caudalie’s formulas boast a high content of natural ingredients, they are members of 1% for the Planet, holding the no.1 position as the top European contributor and top beauty spot worldwide, and they recently re-packaged their Vinoclean range to be in 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic bottles. Oh, and in 2021 they launched 100% Plastic Collect, an initiative to collect, recycle and reuse the plastic waste covering the planet, starting with Thailand, the country that’s sixth worst off when it comes to global marine pollution So when I’ve worked my way through their beautiful products, where do their empties go? How sustainable is their packaging and how should we dispose of it?

Caudalie Vinergetic Overnight Detox Oil

A dry texture yet very nourishing and that doesn’t leave residue on your bedsheets, this 100% natural organic-certified oil is suitable for all skin types. And with lavender, neroli, musk rose and sweet almond oils, it boasts Caudalie’s trademark beautifully delicate scents. One for the dry winter months as it felt a little on the heavy side for me, it’s not one I’d necessarily use again – a first with Caudalie products I think!

How to recycle: the bottle is glass and therefore easily recyclable in your kerbside recycling or at your local bottle bank. There is no excuse not to recycle glass! The dropper however is more challenging, as it is made from glass (the pipette), plastic (internal mechanism) and rubber (the bulb). Please don’t try to separate the different materials, you risk injuring yourself! This item will need specialist recycling so take it to a Terracycle point and they’ll do the rest.

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance Serum

My all-time favourite Caudalie product – in case I hadn’t mentioned it often enough. I rely on this little bottle of goodness to lessen the appearance of sun damage on my forehead. This worldwide cult favourite (one is sold every 2 minutes around the world) works to even out my complexion thanks to viniferine, the vine stalk sap which helps fade dark spots. 

How to recycle: same as above – recycle the glass bottle but take the dropper to a Terracycle point.

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Toner

I love a good toner. They have unfairly been branded a pointless skincare step, but I find when I use toner that I need less serum and moisturiser afterwards. And seeing as toners are typically cheaper than the other two products… exactly. This one has a 99% natural formula with salicylic acid and organic rose water to clean, purify and mattify skin for a truly noticeable, less shiny result.

How to recycle: super easy! It’s a plastic bottle with a plastic cap, so all one material and one that is widely recycled. Simply place in your recycling bin or take to household waste recycling centres.

Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum

Ideal for combination skin, this lightweight gel serum enriched in natural salicylic acid and niacinamide unclogs pores and refines skin texture. Caudalie boasts impressive clinical results: -63% acne spots from 1 week – wow! And I can vouch for the efficacy of this serum in noticeably reducing my breakouts.

How to recycle: glass bottle – you know the drill by now, that can be recycled in your kerbside recycling or at your local bottle bank. As with the oil droppers, this serum pump is a tricky item to dispose of as it’s made from mixed materials which you can’t easily separate. Another one for Terracycle.

Caudalie Vinoperfect dark spot correcting hand cream

If there’s one place that dark spots appear as fast as on the face – or even faster – it’s on the back of your hands. I now have a couple of spots that have made an appearance and refuse to fade away come winter, so I’m well aware my hands need some attention too. With daily exposure to the elements, hands tend to take a battering, so this shea butter and avocado oil hand cream works to not only nourish, but correct and prevent dark spots. This beautiful non-sticky cream has earned its place on my bedside table for pre-bedtime application.

How to recycle: tubes are tricky because the ease of recycling them varies from one local authority to another. So technically this tube is recyclable, but check your local authority website first. If you throw it in your recycling bin without checking, your whole bag may be rejected as it’ll be considered ‘contaminated’. For the plastic cap, where possible keep it screwed onto the tube to give it the best chance of being recycled – small items tend to be discarded.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark spot correcting glycolic Night Cream

This 95% natural night cream contains glycolic acid and papaya enzymes to work through the night as a gentle peel, reducing dark spots and preparing your skin for its morning routine. It’s on the thick side so best for dry or mature skin, or for winter application.

How to recycle: another easy one. the jar is glass so that can go in your household recycling bin. Remember to screw the plastic lid on before putting in the bin to give it the best chance at getting recycled too.

Caudalie Vinosource Hydra grape water Gel Moisturiser

I loved using this over the summer! A cross between a gel and jelly texture, it’s such a light, fresh and easily absorbed moisturiser. Ideal for sensitive skin, this hydration booster targets dry and dull complexions thanks to grape water and organic aloe vera. Quickly absorbed and with zero greasy residue, it’s the perfect base for applying makeup straight after, and keeps skin feeling balanced throughout the day.

How to recycle: same as above – recycle the glass jar together with the plastic lid screwed on.

Caudalie Vinotherapist Replenishing Vegan Body Butter

I know I often highlight how delicious Caudalie products smell, and although it may not directly impact the efficacy of the product, it certainly heightens the pleasure of using it. This 100% natural vegan body butter doesn’t only relieve itchy skin and moisturise it for 24 hours, but does it with a sweet moreish scent. It reminds me of Caudalie’s marzipan smelling Cleansing Oil thanks to sweet almond oil, but this body butter also features desert date oil for extra yumminess.

How to recycle: both the tub and lid are made of plastic so it should be a straightforward household-recycling-bin situation, HOWEVER: some plastics are not recyclable. I know, another confusing maybe/maybe not/who knows scenario. Anything that says PET on the base is fine, and helpfully the brand has flagged the packaging as 100% recyclable on the tub.

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