Since re-discovering French pharmacy skincare brand Caudalie a couple of years ago I’ve been dipping in and out of their beauty products known for using active ingredients from the vine. From their global bestseller Beauty Elixir to their revamped Resveratrol Lift range with vegan collagen and my favourite serum to date, the brightening Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, I’m always excited to trial their skincare, bodycare and suncare. Here I shine a light on their repackaged cleanser range Vinoclean, now boasting 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic bottles for stronger eco credentials. Compared to the former Caudalie cleansing range this change will result in a 50-tonne saving of petrochemical-origin plastic and will reduce the collection’s carbon footprint by 45%. But do the formulas live up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Caudalie, or is it all about the packaging?    

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser  

I’ve mentioned a few times previously that as I’ve got older I’ve gradually moved away from gel cleansers in favour of balms and oils. I admit on receiving this Foaming Cleanser I was imagining my skin feeling a little dry and tight post cleanse, but I needn’t have worried. With 97% natural origin ingredients, this vegan lotion comes out of the chunky pump as a light as air, ultra-fine foam that feels rich and thick. It’s akin to a high-quality cappuccino compared to a high street chain version – the froth is just not the same. And the bubbles are tiny and tightly packed, not big fat empty nothings that leave you feeling like you need another pump of foam to get some actual product on your face. Like those little bubbles you find in good quality champagne that tickle your throat rather than the big clunky ones from cheap versions that go up your nose. And here end my beverage analogies. This gentle soap-free foam feels so soft on application and actually leaves my skin feeling soft too, not tight. As for the scent, the light clean fragrance featuring rose, white wood, watermelon, violet leaves and pink peppercorn is just on the right side of scented without overdoing it. 150ml RRP £15.00

Caudalie makeup removing cleansing oil

Talking of scents, this cleansing oil is on a whole other level: it actually smells of marzipan. If you don’t have a sweet tooth you might want to steer clear, but for me this is heaven. Radiance-boosting sweet almond is the third oil featured on the ingredient list after sunflower and castor oils so I’m guessing that has a pretty key role to play in this delicious scent. Of course it’s not all about the scent, but it’s definitely a big selling point for me. Oils have become a constant feature in my skincare routine, whether in the form of a makeup remover, dry body oil or facial oil. One pump of this 100% natural-origin vegan oil is enough to massage into my face and neck, paying particular attention to my eyelashes to work off stubborn mascara, before washing off with a warm flannel. Not only does it effectively remove all makeup – even waterproof apparently although I’ve yet to test that claim – but it also leaves my skin feeling really refreshed yet super nourished without any oily residue. And did I mention the marzipan scent? 150ml RRP £18.00

Once again Caudalie wins my skin over with deliciously scented natural formulas that are a delight to apply to skin but that also deliver on performance – and in an eco-friendly packaging to boot.

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