Chances are you’ve heard of probiotic skincare, offering formulas rich in ‘good’ bacteria to soothe inflammation and strengthen the skin’s barrier (source: Elle). You may have been intrigued enough to give it a go, as I was and did this time last year when I discovered Aurelia’s beautifully soothing and nourishing probiotic range. And then just when I’d got my head around the concept of probiotics, the term prebiotics started cropping up. So what are those? They are essentially ‘food’ for the good bacteria to thrive and keep your skin barrier healthy and intact. If that barrier is weakened or damaged this can lead to skin irritations, redness, acne and sensitivity. What I love most about being a beauty blogger is the opportunity to discover new trends and trial fresh-to-market products, so when I was contacted by luxury British spa brand Temple Spa to try out their prebiotic skincare range I jumped at the chance to add this trend to my tried and tested list.

BeGone face cleanser for sensitive skin

Starting with my favourite product out of the three I received, this face cleanser is just the most amazing texture: it looks like a big pot of natural yogurt, but with more of an elastic texture, and feels like I’m smearing cooling yogurt across my face – in the best possible way. Apparently prebiotics work great in cleansers because you’re removing the bad microorganisms, therefore leaving skin prepped and ready for the rest of your skincare routine. The whole range is ideal for sensitive skin, and although I wouldn’t particularly describe my skin as such, it doesn’t hurt to give it a gentle evening cleanse. I apply a generous scoop onto dry skin and massage in before wiping off with a damp cloth. What I really like with this Be range is the positive approach the brand has taken to ingredients: traditionally sensitive ranges have taken a ‘free from’ attitude to formulations, excluding ingredients known to irritate or overload skin. Here Temple Spa highlight ingredients that pro-actively benefit sensitive skin. The ones featured on the product’s packaging don’t make for an appetising combo – calming soothing liquorice, hydrating aubergine, softening apricot – but who am I to argue with it when I see how clean, refreshed and settled my skin looks. 150ml RRP £21.00

BeStill face moisturiser for sensitive skin

Once skin is cleansed I would usually reach for a serum, but for the sake of keeping my skincare regime Temple Spa-focused, I directly apply the BeStill moisturiser. I loved the yogurt-style texture of the cleanser so much I was hoping to find the same consistency with the face cream, but this is definitely thicker, which makes it drag on skin a little. Although it’s thicker than expected I don’t feel that it’s overloading my skin, and rather than waking up with a greasy film, I actually spot a few dry patches around the chin and mouth area. Oddly I found the same result the first couple of mornings after switching to Matis Sensibiotic products (also aimed at sensitive skin) but after a few days my skin found its groove and looked really balanced. This one, not so much. For sure it is gentle, settling and sinks into skin fast, and with ingredients such as moisturising apple, soothing cucumber, cleansing basil and anti-inflammatory calendula, it will have a calming effect on skin. It is pleasant to use and the dry patches were tackled with an extra application of the moisturiser, but it doesn’t quite live up to the same standards as the BeGone cleanser which is fast becoming one of my favourite cream cleansers. It’s been a while since I’ve actively sought out probiotics in my skincare, but I’m tempted to swap this moisturiser out for Aurelia’s Probiotic Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser as the perfect follow up to Temple Spa’s prebiotic cleanser. 50ml RRP £38.00

BeCalm face mask for sensitive skin

My face mask (no not the anti-COVID-19 type) collection has steadily been growing without my noticing, until I recently did a stock take and realised I was approaching 10 different masks, some of which I haven’t even tried yet. There’s the exfoliating one, the purifying one, the brightening one, the organic one, the anti-ageing one and of course the radiance one – or two. Well it looks like I still have space for one more: the soothing one, in the shape of Temple Spa’s BeCalm face mask. Applying a generous dollop onto cleansed skin brings me straight back to the yogurt comparison: the consistency is a little thinner than the cleanser, and without the elastic texture, but it still feels deliciously light, creamy, refreshing, cooling and nourishing like yogurt. I get a little tingling sensation on application which quickly disappears, I leave on for the recommended 20 minutes then wipe off with a damp cloth. My skin looks hydrated, plumped and dewy. This mask has earned its place in my collection. 65ml RRP £28.00

Are you tempted to give prebiotics a go? I’d love to hear your recommendations for tackling sensitive, irritated and fragile skin, so please do share by leaving a comment below.

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