With the increasing amount of stress and external aggressors our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that more and more beauty brands are offering sensitive skincare ranges. Pollution, UV rays, blue light exposure – all of these aggressors can sensitise skin and cause inflammation. The Sensibiotic range from Parisian skincare brand Matis aims to soothe reactive skin and build up skin to be more resistant over time. Although I grew up in Paris and have a minor obsession with French skincare products, I’d never heard of this brand until they contacted me on Instagram offering to send me their latest skincare set. French skincare brand, results-driven formulas, targeting sensitive skin? Yes please. I have a little browse on the Matis website to find out more about the brand, and unsurprisingly find references to exacting Parisian women, reference to 80 years of professional expertise and aspirational shots of women oozing French nonchalance and Parisienne chic. It all looks and sounds very appealing, so I spend the next three weeks using the Sensibiotic serum and moisturiser skincare set, hoping for a calm and balanced skin.

Matis Sensibiotic skincare set

The Sensibiotic set

First impressions as I open the set: it’s a beautiful box, pure white with the Matis logo subtly printed in glossy white, but it’s big. So big. Way too big for the content, with loads of empty space around the serum and cream filled with a plastic insert that ruins the premium look of the box. Matis claims to offer environmentally friendly formulas, but the packaging is definitely not that. On a positive note though, the box is so beautiful that I will absolutely be reusing it, maybe to create a bespoke beauty hamper for a friend, filling it with shredding and a selection of items I think they will enjoy. I found the set on beauty retail site beautyfresh which also stocks the likes of Decleor, Elemis and Guerlain with an RRP of £62.20, stating that the moisturiser is free. So that means the serum is £62.20 on its own which seems quite steep, but as a premium skincare duo set is easier to justify.   

Matis Sensibiotic skincare

Matis Sensibiotic Serum

The serum claims to reduce skin sensitivity with an immediate soothing effect. I wouldn’t describe my skin as particularly sensitive, but it does at times flare up with the more aggressive peeling solutions. I applied the light, refreshing serum onto clean skin in the evening, and for the first couple of mornings would oddly wake up to dry patches. Not sure if that was my skin adjusting to the new products or something completely unrelated, but I’m glad I persevered as my skin has looked and felt really balanced since. The serum contains super hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient anyone with an interest in skincare will be familiar with, as well as Prebiotic, the ‘food’ for the good bacteria living on our skin and helping to protect it by warding off infections. It also happens to calm and sooth irritated skin, and although I haven’t recently suffered from redness or irritation, the application and result feel great. 30ml

Matis Sensibiotic serum

Matis Sensibiotic Cream

You’ll find more prebiotics in this Sensibiotic Cream, as well as Saffron flower which I’ve not come across in beauty before, but apparently has calming properties and can protect against UV damage and pollutants. This cream has a pleasant light pink tint and scent-wise reminds me of old fashioned moisturisers in the best possible way: Nivea and Embryolisse come to mind. The rich generous texture feels cocooning, and apart from the first couple of applications has since then provided my skin with the perfect amount of hydration and comfort. 50ml

Matis Sensibiotic for sensitive skin

if you have any product recommendations for sensitive skin please do share by leaving a comment below to let me know!

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