What do I get out of beauty destination Fresh Beauty Fix? Apart from a home full of beauty products and a head full of beauty trends: a chance to share what feels like the best-kept secrets in natural and sustainable beauty, a platform to showcase some indie gems that deserve a shout out. Case in point with Seekology: stocking over 70 brands online, from stationery to home fragrance, yoga mats and of course skincare and makeup, Seekology offers a treasure trove of indie brands that I’ve enjoyed discovering. Founded by ex-beauty buyer Rebecca Saunders, you’ll discover new beauty and wellbeing brands either online or in the Richmond store, with free 30-minute online skincare and gifting consultations in case you need a helping hand. Here I discover the breadth of Seekology’s beauty offering by testing a varied array of haircare, bodycare and skincare products.

Kind2 The Sensitive One Shampoo Bar

This haircare brand has popped up quite a bit on my social feeds and with my new obsession around solid beauty I was excited to finally get my hands on this shampoo bar. Ideal for dry, flaky and itchy scalps – yep that’s me – this bar claims to equate to 2 bottles of liquid shampoo. That’s a powerful message when you assess the size of this product. Not that it’s inconsequential in size, pleasingly filling my palm for an easy grip and wide surface coverage when rubbing into hair and scalp. Although it’s priced at £12.50 which on the surface of things can feel a little steep for a non-hair salon brand, it promises 60 washes, and if like me you don’t wash your hair every day, you can easily get 3 or 4 months’ worth of usage out of it. Pretty punchy for a humble bar. 80g RRP £12.50

Kind2 The Restoring One Conditioner Bar

If Kind2 was the brand I was most excited about trialling, the conditioner bar was the product I was most keen to put to use. Like solid moisturisers, I’ve struggled to find conditioner bars so this one was a welcome addition to my waterless beauty collection. With a claim to lasting an impressive 80 washes, this moisturising bar tackles dry or chemically treated hair thanks to nourishing coconut, argan and macadamia oils. After double cleansing my hair with the sensitive shampoo bar I stroke the conditioner bar onto the mid lengths and ends before rinsing and blow drying for soft and tamed hair. 80g RRP £15.95

Elan Skincare Imagine Pure Delight Body Scrub

If you’re a Terry’s chocolate orange fan this is for you. Utterly delicious. The ingredient list also reads like a cake recipe: sugar, coconut, sesame, sunflower oil – this exfoliating scrub feels quite grainy so no need to apply too much pressure, a gentle massaging action is enough to result in baby soft skin, and the oils ensure skin is left super nourished. The scrub comes in a generously-sized glass jar which is just begging to be re-purposed as a food container (thorough cleansing required) or candle holder. 280g RRP £28.00

Elan Skincare Pure Goodness Body Butter

I follow Elan’s Body Scrub with this thick, rich and unctuous natural and vegan body butter. It’s so thick I’d say it even goes beyond a butter texture, more of a body balm, full of plant butters, waxes and oils: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, macadamia oil and rice bran wax, a little goes a long way and will tackle dry skin in the most nourishing way. 40ml RRP £20.00

XO Balm

OK so compared to the XO Balm, the Body Butter doesn’t quite reach those levels of thickness. This balm is so solid I had to dig into it with the wooden spatula provided. Featuring only four 100% natural ingredients (beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and chia seed oil), the simple yet multipurpose formula provides a water-resistant barrier to protect eczema prone skin and chapped lips. With those ingredients I’d suggest steering clear of this balm if you have oily or acne prone skin. I’m keeping it off my face but applying to dry patches on my body, although for eczema I need a colloidal oat product to truly address the problem. Extra points for the sleek design, and the mirror on the inside of the tin is a nice touch. 45g RRP £12.50 reduced to £10.00

Meadow Botanical Cleansing Balm and Moisturising Balm

These make a lovely duo. Actually if you wanted to really streamline your skincare routine you could just stick to these two nourishing products: the first to cleanse and the second to nourish. Featuring shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil and pumpkin oil, the 100% natural formula efficiently removes all trace of dirt and make-up (although I’ve yet to try it on mascara), and once removed with a muslin cloth, leaves my skin feeling comfortably clean. Following up with the moisturising balm, also full of butters and oils (including my favourite rosehip oil), it works as a great overnight treatment for nourished yet calm skin come morning. 100ml RRP £27.00 and 30ml RRP £29.00 Products photographed are gifted samples.

Meadow Botanical Calm and Soothe Face Mask

On reading this product’s name I instinctively thought it would soothe and calm my dry patches. What it actually does is soothe and calm blemishes. Oops. Needless to say my first application was entirely misguided. Not unpleasant, but unexpected. With the first ingredient being kaolin I should have realised it was designed to tackle acne-prone skin. I will be bringing this mask out again once my acne inevitably resurfaces, and apply in a targeted manner to my T-zone and jawline. 30ml RRP £26.00

Rosalena Cleanse & Be Cleansing Balm

Now that my beauty products are openly displayed on purpose-built shelves rather than shoved under the bed in a big holdall, and ordered by category, from haircare to cleansers and suncare, I can see at a glance that I’ve accumulated a lot of cream and balm cleansers from Five Dot Botanics, Pai, Happi Body Co, Alexa Sky Botanicals, Elemis, Temple Spa, the list goes on. There is something very satisfying about applying a thick formula that melts onto skin and dissolves the day’s dirt and grime, and wiping it all away with a warm cloth or flannel. My skin invariably feels fresh and clean without being stripped, tight or dry, and this cleansing balm is no exception. It also doubles up as a leave on nourishing mask, something I’ll be testing out very soon in my bid to keep up with my new year resolution to mask more regularly. 100ml RRP £45.00

Rosalena Rock & Rose Face Oil

Boom, here it is: my favourite product in the line-up: I’m a fan of facial oils anyway, and this one just hits the right balance between hydrating yet lightweight, and delivers my favourite skincare result: brightening. The contents are deceptively smaller than I thought when I first checked out the bottle: only 17ml, but you don’t need a full pipette of the golden liquid, a few drops will do as it spreads really generously. And with oils such as patchouli, sweet orange and rose, it also smells delicately delicious. 17ml RRP £52.00

Rosalena Rose Quartz Facial Stone

I was most intrigued by this Rose Quartz facial stone. Not just because for the last few years my Instagram feed has been flooded by posts of these pink stones and rollers and I’ve yet to actually try one myself, but also because this one is called Magic Mushroom. Due to its shape I’m guessing, but it certainly caught my attention – and that of some of my followers when I posted the unboxing video. After applying the Rosalena Face Oil I used the stone at room temperature (you can also pop in the fridge or heat under warm water) as directed on the instructions across my forehead, cheeks and jaw starting from the centre and rolling it outwards. This is supposed to stimulate circulation, encourage a healthy glow and tone facial muscles. It sounds lovely but I don’t have the patience. Even with the promise of reducing the look of dark circles, lifting my face, eliminating toxins and reducing tension, I struggle to carve out an extra minute or two into my evening skincare routine to add this step. I will keep it as a special treat that comes with having a facial. RRP £24.00

What is currently top of your beauty gift list?

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