With the ongoing pandemic having halted many of our travel plans, and fears of mass job losses in the sector, the hospitality industry may be in tatters right now but that’s not going to stop hotel cosmetics developing new hand care and body care products. And if hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines are in no way back to their pre-COVID levels of occupancy, and therefore don’t require anywhere near as many bars of soap and shower gels, there’s no reason why our bathrooms can’t benefit from some hotel décor inspiration in the shape of the latest hospitality cosmetics. From shampoo bottles made from ocean plastic waste to the ubiquitous hand cleansing gel, here is a selection of products made by hotel cosmetics producer ADA International which are also available to anyone looking to enhance their bathroom with that hotel look.

Hand Cleansing Gel

Today’s handbag essentials? That’ll be a hand cleansing gel along with a face mask – preferably cloth so that it’s reusable and doesn’t add to the face masks littering the pavements. As I’ve explored in my dedicated post about natural hand sanitisers, a host of beauty brands has risen to the challenge of developing and launching this product in a matter of weeks – Pai launched their Acton Spirit Hand Sanitizing Gel in just 4 weeks! – in order to meet customer demand. ADA International has also developed its own hand hygiene range available to order on their consumer- (rather than business-) facing website under the name ‘Spirit of Travel’. Not sure how relevant this feels right now, but if the daily tube trip for school drop off counts, I’ve got a 30ml bottle of Hand Cleansing Gel in my handbag ready to whip out when exiting the tube. Public Health England recommends at least 60% alcohol content for the product to successfully help avoid spreading germs. This one contains 70% but surprisingly smells a lot more pleasant than many of the antibacterial gels I’ve used. Worth noting that this product cannot be shipped to non-EU countries, so for UK residents that order needs to be pre-Brexit! 

Hydro Basics Hair & Body Shampoo

This is one of the bestselling ranges for ADA: its fresh aqua scent makes it a popular choice for hoteliers all over the world, and the white and turquoise look complements many bathroom decors. So chances are it would be a great fit for many home bathrooms too. Not only that but this new format provides two exciting updates to the collection: it’s extra-large, and it’s made of 25% ocean plastic. Since California became the first state to ban single-use hotel toiletries last year, cosmetic producers have been focusing much more on larger size formats such as this 500ml pump dispenser which means you’ll be re-purchasing packaging much less often. Not only that, but by using ocean plastic as part of the bottle material this is contributing to cleaning up oceans and its surrounding areas of plastic. With plastics being the most common form of marine debris and killing seabirds, fish, turtles and whales, reusing ocean plastic is one way to reduce human impact on marine wildlife.

The Perfumer’s Garden

Well this smells lovely. Light citrus green notes with a hint of spicy ginger, The Perfumer’s Garden treats your skin to a delicate veil of scent, especially if you layer up all four liquids: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. These are also available in large formats (the one pictured here is the 500ml pump dispenser version) and leaves skin not only scented but also soft and moisturised.

Which hotel toiletries have you really been impressed with during your last travels? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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