If you’re as passionate about beauty as I am, the idea of streamlining your makeup and skincare collection can have you breaking out in a cold sweat. How can I live without my collection of miniature toiletries? My skin NEEDS it. What would I do without my selection of mascaras? I’ll look a MESS. It may sound counter-intuitive for a beauty blogger to promote a Marie Kondo-style decluttering purge (does your shampoo bring you joy?) but there’s a lot to be said for the less is more approach, not least for its time-saving, space-saving and money-saving benefits. Here are some top tips on how to streamline your beauty shelfie without taking the fun out of your beauty routine.


Stay clear of Korean-inspired skincare routines

I can imagine some sharp intakes of breath here. I admire everyone who has the dedication to apply 10 beauty products on a daily basis, and the glass skin effect that some Korean beauties achieve is truly impressive, but you’ll find certain skin specialists such as Dr Anjali Mahto advocating against product overload. Slapping on layer after layer of skincare can cause irritation, so by sticking to 3 or 4 products you can reduce sensitivity as well as your product count. 

Having said that… there is a K-beauty product that can help cut down on lotions and potions and that’s The Konjac Sponge Co’s facial sponge. I’m a big fan of this cruelty-free vegan beauty product and wanted to share with you these kawaii additions to the range! They can be used with or without cleanser (that’s one less product on your shelf), so I use mine with just water and massage over my face in circular movements to remove makeup and dirt. The mermaid one, enriched with red clay for dry skin, comes with a self-adhesive hook so once you’re done you can place it there to air dry.

TheKonjacSpongeCo mermaid and rainforest face sponges in bathroom FreshBeautyFix

Opt for multi purpose products

You’ve probably heard this one before so I won’t elaborate on the space saving benefits this tip delivers. Here are the multi-purpose products I’m using at the moment:

  • Dr Organic Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil (a cruelty-free product previously reviewed) is the ultimate multi-purpose beauty tool and can be used on skin instead of a cream, on hair to replace conditioner and on nails in lieu of cuticle oil.

  • Another Konjac Sponge Co product, the Pore Refiner is a little sponge that cleanses and exfoliates, with or without cleanser. Enriched in charcoal powder and 100% natural, it’s suitable for blemish-prone skin and comes in a cute box illustrated with a sloth (I thought it was a koala – that’s how much of a city girl I am). 

  • Bobbi Brown’s brow pencil isn’t exactly supposed to be multi-purpose but I find it can double up as an eye pencil for a soft natural look.

TheKonjacSpongeCo mermaid and rainforest face sponges FreshBeautyFix

Beware of multi buys

This is easier said than done, with all the 3 for 2 and save £££ offers available in-store. Not to mention the lure of upselling, where every beauty consultant worth their salt entice you to buy more than what you came looking for (hey it’s their job). If you come across an unbeatable offer that has you reaching for 3 mascaras in one go, walk out of the store and give yourself 24 hours to decide if you really need these. Or if shopping online leave them in your basket overnight and sleep on it. Chances are come morning you won’t be quite so excited about 3 mascaras.

Spring clean

When was the last time you did a beauty clear out? Maybe it’s time to spring clean your bathroom cabinet and dresser like you would your wardrobe. I LOVE throwing items out, so much so that if some of my husband’s belongings ‘disappear’ he knows who to turn to… but then who needs a washing basket? Unlike clothes you can’t donate half used blushers and lipsticks, all the more reason not to overbuy in the first place. When clearing out check sell by dates, or the smell and consistency of a product to figure out if it’s gone off. Powder will last much longer than liquid makeup (mascaras, foundations), and for nail polish (which I’ve already admitted to having A LOT of), if it’s dried up it’s probably time to say goodbye.


Everyday use or occasionwear?

I find organised and uncluttered beauty shelfies so aesthetically pleasing, if you’re looking for inspiration take a look at The Beauty Look Book‘s feed. If you can’t bare to part with any of your beauty stash, you can still put out of sight the items you don’t use on a daily basis to help streamline your bathroom shelfie. Smokey palettes and glitter can be tucked away in vanity boxes or bathroom drawers, just don’t forget about them completely…

Are you a product purist or a hoarder? If you have any tips on how to streamline your beauty shelfie I’d love to hear about them, just leave a comment below to let me know!

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