When I walk into my workplace, the first thing that hits me is the intense chemical smell emanating through the floorboards from the nail salon below. It takes a few open windows to dispel this smell that’s sure to give you a pounding headache if undealt with. Not what you want to breathe in at 8.30am in the morning – or any time of day really. Now I don’t know if we’ll ever see the day when you can claim an entirely natural manicure, but one nail brand working hard to offer conscious beauty is Nail Kind. With a product range that is up to 85% bio-sourced, natural origin, vegan and cruelty-free, the award-winning Danish brand has only been around since 2017 but has already built a strong reputation for gentle formulas offering great performance and a fantastic range of shades. The early iterations of free from nail polishes all too often compromised on result, but Nail Kind have managed to combine gentle mineral and plant-based formulas (we’re talking ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat) that deliver vibrant colour and honestly last as long as standard nail enamels – and don’t strip the inside of my nostrils with a hostile scent.

Nail Kind nail polish in Skinny Dip

Blue doesn’t have the reputation for being the easiest nail polish shade to pull off: if you’re looking for an easy-to-wear, subtle, goes-with-everything hue you’re more likely to lean towards the nudes of this world. Well I challenge you to rethink your approach and consider this muted pale yet warm blue with lavender tones that’s described in the marketing blurb as ‘tranquil, cool and confident’. I couldn’t have put it any better. It remains understated but makes for a more interesting choice than a classic nude, red or pink. It honestly goes with any outfit and easily takes you from smart work mode to relaxed weekend vibes. I applied two coats for a vibrant glossy finish, with dry time remaining pretty swift. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind nail polish in Pink Elephants

Apparently each nail shade is developed to ‘express a mood, an emotion, an adventure’. I’m not sure what inspiration lurked behind ‘Pink Elephants’… something about day dreams and sprinkling every day with magic. Lost in translation? Maybe, but regardless of the eccentric shade name, this dusty rose shade is well worth considering if you’re partial to nudes but looking for a bit of an update on the theme. This colour reminds me of Sienna’s nail polish in Rosie, my favourite discovery from this year’s Clean Beauty Awards. A solid option for taking a classic shade up a notch, but that Skinny Dip blue hue still holds my attention. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind nail polish in Green Daze

Described as an ‘enviable forest green’, I would definitely place this shade firmly in the kaki category. It may not sound appealing but turns out to be a surprisingly versatile shade. This first time I wore kaki nail polish was when I worked at Bourjois. We were launching a new nail enamel collection, including kaki – not a very common nail shade at the time, but still to this day it’s one of my favourite go to shades when I’m looking for something a little unexpected but not too try hard. Plant-based formulas, interesting and versatile colour palette, easy to apply with a brush that perfectly covers my nails in one or two strokes, and lasting a good week chip-free, I can’t fault Nail Kind. They are now firmly on my list of favourite nail polish brands along with London Grace. 8ml RRP £8.95

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