Reviewing seasonal trends inevitably brings to my mind Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada bringing down the poor employee suggesting they do a piece about florals for their Spring issue: “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” Miranda deadpans in the most sarcastic way possible (Meryl Streep flawless as ever). So when vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brand Nail Kind offered to send me their seasonal shades, I had images of run-of-the-mill autumnal colours running through my mind – think rusty oranges, mulled wine reds and fir tree greens. I should know better by now, as the plant-based Danish brand pulls it out of the bag once again to deliver a season-appropriate colour palette without ever succumbing to stereotypes.  

Nail Kind Nail Polish in Cheeky Club

You’d think there would be very little space for colour innovation in the realm of nude pinks, a nail polish colour spectrum that’s been done to death, over and over again. But it seems there is always room for one more, especially as I’m probably stretching the definition of nudes quite a bit by incorporating this deeper hue into the category. Part of their Dance Collection – or is it their Be Kind Be Pink collection? You can find it in both categories – this pinkish-mauve shade brings an update on a very safe colour, elevating your everyday manicure with a bit of a twist, earning it the Cheeky Club name as it brings a little playfulness to an otherwise classic hue. Very wearable! 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind Nail Polish in Tempt Me

Here I’ve used this bright pink with a hint of purple as an accent colour, teamed with the more subdued Cheeky Club shade, but it works equally well as a full manicure. Rather than falling back on a classic burgundy, this feels like a more creative way of nodding to autumn colours, lifting your mood and attracting all the right kind of attention to your nails. Speak with your hands Italian-style to show off this shade in its best light. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind Nail Polish in Disco Diva

My favourite shade in the line up, clearly benefiting from preferential treatment with a more enticing photographic background – sorry other shades. Purple may be considered a classic autumnal shade, but this dusky hue brings added edge and sophistication to nails. The red tones of a standard purple have been replaced with a greyish, dulled down yet rich tone for a more – ahem – polished finish. Don’t let this shade hang around on your nails for too long, once it starts fading it’ll lose its effect, so remove at the first sight of chipping. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind Nail Polish in Soul Sister

Apparently this midnight blue shade earned its name to celebrate the founders’ friendship. I’m not sure how this relates to the shade – is the depth of their friendship only matched by the depth of this ink blue shade? Either way, I’d say it’s the darkest shade out of this line up, without veering into gothic territory. Wear with pride and confidence. 8ml RRP £8.95

Nail Kind Nail Polish in Susan Rover

Described by Nail Kind as a ‘dark racing green hue, inspired by a cool boss lady’s desire for a racing green car.’ I want to be that boss lady – without the need for the car, as my 5-year-old wisely reminds me that ‘cars are bad for the planet.’ So I’ll be racing around on foot instead (typically on the school run, literally running, or puffing, behind my son on his bike before making a run for the bus into work), sporting the best deep kaki manicure in town. 8ml RRP £8.95

This is far from my first rodeo with Nail Kind, having reviewed quite a few of their previous collections. So if you like what you see, there’s more where that came from:

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