How do you feel about anti-ageing skincare? Western cultures tend to approach ageing with a sense of embarrassment, dread and fear. It’s a process that we’re willing to spend hefty sums on to try and halt, cover or even reverse, from anti-ageing creams to plastic surgery and the ultimate death-cheating Cryonics where human remains are stored in freezing temperatures in the hope that resurrection may be possible in the future… I’d rather spend my money on this life. But as someone who mentally still feels like a 25-year-old, I struggle to embrace anti-ageing products – even if my skin tells a different story. So I discovered Caudalie’s freshly re-vamped Premier Cru anti-ageing range in a slightly roundabout way, which may have succeeded in changing my views on anti-ageing/pro-ageing/ageless skincare.

The Premier Cru Spa Treatment

It’s basically all down to a fantastic facial. For someone who’s worked in the beauty industry since the very start of my career, I was quite late to the facial party. On an intern’s salary they were firmly out of reach and even a few years later, it seemed like a waste of money to pay someone to apply products I could apply myself at home. But a colleague told me about Clarins’ BeautyBar 30min facials for a can’t-say-no £25, and I was hooked. It’s not just about the products used but how they are applied to skin, and those facialists’ hands know how to bring a glow to dull skin. This was never more true than when Caudalie’s National Training Manager Angeline Noblanc – whom I interviewed for my #BeautyInsider series – expertly massaged my skin back to life. Fast forward a few years and the brand’s PR team kindly invite me to have a facial at their Covent Garden boutique, and on arrival suggest a Premier Cru facial, featuring active ingredients to treat all signs of skin ageing. Any reservations I had about anti-ageing skincare (too soon? Not worth the hype?) evaporated after the 50-minute treatment. Thanks to the ‘face gym’ exercises (targeted pressure application and massage techniques) my skin looked the best it had since – well since my last facial with Lisa Franklin 6 months ago. Plumped, smooth, firm, refreshed and radiant, I delved straight into the collection of Premier Cru products when the delivery landed on my doorstep a few days later. What an introduction. 50min RRP £82.00

The Premier Cru collection

Before diving into each product here’s the low down on what the Premier Cru range promises: 8 signs of ageing corrected. That’s right, eight. I feel like Chandler in Friends (shows my age *reaching for that anti-ageing serum*) when he realises there are 7 erogenous zones. So here’s the list:

  1. Deep wrinkles – no surprises there
  2. Fine lines – another classic
  3. Dark spots – for all my ‘I’m not ready for anti-ageing skincare’ talk, this is high on my list of skin concerns to tackle [link to Pietro simone article]
  4. Radiance – more or less on everyone’s hit list
  5. Firmness – another biggie
  6. Elasticity – I’d say similar to the above
  7. Volume – when we notice the loss of collagen
  8. Hydration – that dull dehydrated skin that gives off a lacklustre feel

Broadly speaking we’re looking at wrinkles (including fine lines), radiance (regrouping dark spots and hydration), and firmness (an umbrella for volume and elasticity). Caudalie spent the last 10 years working with Harvard Medical School to develop what they’ve catchily called TET8 Technology, which combines a potent mix of – true to Caudalie – ingredients from the vine as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid and tightening sugars.

Premier Cru The Serum

My all-time favourite serum has got to be the one from Caudalie’s Vinoperfect range, so I had high hopes for this one, and it didn’t disappoint. Beautifully light texture, delicately fragrant and 98% natural, it instantly hydrates (yes, you’ve guessed it, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid) and firms skin for up to 6 hours (it’s good but it’s not a facelift after all). A fantastic vegan formula that provides the satisfaction of immediate results, but on pricey side – for all skin types but not for all wallets. 30ml RRP £85.00

Premier Cru The Eye Cream

This eye cream features a nifty metal applicator which you use to spread the formula around the eye area, not only brightening the eye contour thanks to pearlisers, but also de-puffing those early morning bags. I’ve not fallen for the skincare fridge trend but this is one product that will be enhanced by being stored in a cold place. 15ml RRP £47.00

Premier Cru The Cream

The luxurious texture of this cream is richer than I would tend to reach for with my combination skin, but during the cold weather (and in the UK that’s basically 6 months of the year) this provides a welcome addition to my skincare routine. As with all the other products in the Premier Cru range, it contains Viniferine, one of Caudalie’s signature ingredient which comes from the vine and fades dark spots for a more even complexion. A pricey moisturiser but a little goes a long way, and combined with the serum I can practically recreate that post-facial glow. 50ml RRP £85.00

Premier Cru The Rich Cream

OK so I’ve not used this one as it does feel more appropriate for dry skin. But what I got really excited about in my box of PR samples was the refill that came with it. I’ve seen these trickling onto the beauty scene for the last couple of years, but it’s the first time I’ve come across these yogurt-type pots from an established brand. Unlike refill pouches which can be tricky to recycle, these capsules are fully recyclable. Once you’ve finished your main jar of cream, you can remove the inner casing, buy a refill at 13.5% saving (so £73.50 instead of £85 full price – yes I know, odd pricing) and slot that into your glass jar. Jar 50ml RRP £85.00 and refill 50ml RRP £73.50

Features gifted products


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