I was recently asked what my all-time favourite beauty product was, and instead of coming up with a ready-made answer I was stumped and scrambled for a good minute before latching onto one of my staples, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Surely out of all the beauty questions I could come up against this one really shouldn’t have taken me by surprise. But it’s the broadness of the question I really struggled with. I’m lucky enough to have access to so many beauty products, from new launches to iconic staples, there is no one-stop perfect does-it-all miracle product. Once the pressure was off, I ruminated the question for a while, the way you do when you know you could’ve delivered a much stronger answer. And if I were to replay that moment, I would change my answer to Evolve Beauty’s multi award-winning Radiant Glow Mask (reviewed in The Benefits of Food Ingredients in Skincare). Not because it is ‘better’ than Caudalie’s serum – they’re just completely different products – but because it was unlike anything I’d come across before, from its chocolatey but not sickly-sweet scent to the instant radiant result. And it was the first time I came across the concept of upcycled ingredients. Evolve Beauty have gone there again with their Super Berry range featuring upcycled raspberry oil, a by-product of the fruit and jam industry which would otherwise go to waste. Here I review the Super Berry duo to find out what other eco credentials it boasts.

Evolve Beauty Super Berry Bath and Shower Oil

I’d not come across a shower oil until I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies and discovered their Wild Rose Shower Oil. Although these formats tend to command a higher price point than shower gel there’s a good reason why: whilst shower gel features a high water content (which does nothing for skin), shower oils are full of nourishing oils that not only cleanse but also moisturise skin, leaving it feeling hydrated rather than dried out and making it ideal for dry skin. Vegan, cruelty-free and certified organic by Ecocert, this waterless formula is promoted as pregnancy safe and great at tackling scars and stretch marks thanks to rosehip oil. I’m not sure how much effect it can have as a wash off product, but for the body oil that is definitely a benefit. Don’t expect lots of foamy frothiness with a shower oil: it transforms into a thin milky lather under water which may sound underwhelming but delivers a really rich nourishing experience and leaves skin soft enough to skip the need for a body lotion altogether. As sweet scents go it’s pretty subtle although I’m more drawn to aromatic or zesty fragrances. And packaging-wise the plastic bottle is easily recyclable, just make sure you separate the pump first which will need to be taken to a Terracycle recycling point. This feels like the perfect product to bring an indulgent bath experience to the more practical shower environment – and use less water in the process. 250ml RRP £24.00

Evolve Beauty Super Berry Body Oil

It’s no secret I’m a fan of facial oils, with radiance-inducing and scar-fading rosehip being one of my favourite, so this body oil scores brownie points from the offset for including that ingredient. Body oils can be tricky to get right if you don’t want to end up looking and feeling like an oil slick, but this organic oil is lightweight enough to leave skin feeling perfectly nourished. The blend of sunflower, rosehip, antioxidant raspberry and stretch mark-tackling pomegranate oils makes it ideal for dry or mature skin, and is again highlighted as pregnancy safe so this wash and moisturise duo would make a great new mum pamper gift – because it shouldn’t all be about the baby. As well as the upcycled raspberry oil eco credentials, I was interested to see that my body oil came with an aluminium cap and a separate pump. I’m hoping this means the product will be available to buy as a refill pumpless option, encouraging customers to keep and reuse their pumps rather than receive a new one at every new purchase. 100ml RRP £24.00

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