Only five? I initially had a much longer list but had to whittle it down otherwise I ran the risk of simply repeating the entire Fresh Beauty Fix content of 2019. After sharing the best beauty blogger must-haves and French pharmacy skincare discoveries in my post Top 5 beauty trends 2018 nearly 12 months ago, it’s that time again: looking back on what I’ve learned this year. How to contour? Nope that’s not happened yet, but what I can share is my top 5 beauty lessons of this year. From ingredient-obsessed skincare to the rise of wellness within, well, everything, here is a roundup of the beauty lessons and trends I’ll be taking into the new decade.

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Lesson 1: wellness and beauty can go hand in hand  

Twenty first century pace of life doesn’t often make for a relaxing lifestyle – anyone else constantly in ‘do do do’ mode? – so if the idea of slowing down a little or taking time to beat the stress sounds appealing, turn your attention to one of this year’s top beauty trends: incorporating wellness into the products you use. From essential oils that can improve sleep, skin health or digestion to the ubiquitous CBD oil boasting anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory skincare benefits, give your skin the ingredients to feel calm and relaxed. And if you fancy extending the benefits of probiotic from your gut to your skin, look no further than skincare brand Aurelia which offers probiotic products to calm skin damaged by external aggressors such as pollution and stress.

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Lesson 2: take note of the ingredients in your beauty products

The beauty industry’s recent obsession with ingredients is set to continue into the next year so keep an eye out for this one. When it comes to cooking I tend to come in right at the end of the process: I’ll happily wolf down someone else’s culinary efforts, just don’t ask me to rustle up anything from scratch. But if it involves beauty products, I’m all in. Take a look at your skincare and you may notice well known ingredients such as honey, known for its  anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (great for acne prone skin) but keep an eye out also for more unusual items such as broccoli, high in vitamin C (boosts collagen) and E (glowing complexion).

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Lesson 3: sustainable beauty is becoming non-negotiable

With its over packaged products, micro-plastics polluting the waters and single use packaging beauty doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sustainability. The good news is that brands are sitting up and taking note of what their customers are asking for: being able to buy products that don’t make them feel guilty every time they use them. Some brands are definitely tackling the issue head on, from stripping back unnecessary layers to sourcing truly innovative solutions. And with plastic having become a dirty word (synonymous with waste, over-consumption and pollution), the increasing profile of organisations such as The Plastic Free Foundation with their Plastic Free July campaign will only get stronger. So here’s to championing brands that are tackling the issue and to increasing our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach in the bathroom, as 56% of Brits still don’t recycle their toiletries.

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Lesson 4: Take inspiration from ancient medicine

Sometimes it’s not about technological advances or the latest fads, but simply going back to centuries-old practices such as Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which brings a holistic approach to your skincare, incorporating other aspects of your life from diet to sleep and exercise. Created in the UK but inspired by Indian tradition, brands such as Fushi and Urban Veda tap into the West’s newfound interest in wellness and how all aspects of your lifestyle affect one another.

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Lesson 5: Vegan beauty is here to stay

No surprises here, but just in case you thought plant-based cafes and Veganuary would be a thing of the past, it’s another trend that’s here to stay a while longer. No longer considered a fad or passing trend, the practice of not consuming animal products isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and beauty brands are increasingly responding to this demand. Vegan beauty means avoiding ingredients such as beeswax (popular in balm cleansers), lanolin (found in lip balms), keratin (present in hair treatments), collagen (anti-aging creams), honey (in oils) and silk (for shiny hair). Spare a thought for bees though: if veganism is your way of life consider not cutting out bee-friendly beauty products as these support beekeepers in protecting the shrinking bee population. With one third of everything we eat depending on bees and other pollinating insects, and the number of bees rapidly declining due to loss of natural habitat, declining wildflower meadows and toxic pesticides, investing in products that support beekeepers is more important than ever.

What beauty trends have made it on your top rated list for this year? And what have you learned from them? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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