The festive season can bring out some pretty questionable fashion choices: the tinsel hairband, the reindeer tie, and of course the unavoidable Christmas jumper which the nation has taken to with such enthusiasm that this item of clothing has had its very own dedicated day since 2012. I’m all for celebrating and expressing our love of the season through sartorial choices but sometimes less is more, and a bit of festive winter nail art can achieve just as much of an impact as an in-your-face knit complete with fluffy ears and flashing red nose. So for days when you’d rather just hint at Christmas, here are two achievable winter manicures that will add a subtle seasonal touch to your outfit – with not a scrap of tinsel in sight.

Wish upon a star manicure by FreshBeautyFix

Wish upon a star

One of the benefits of nail polish over most other makeup items is that unlike liquid foundation or mascara, it can last for quite a while before either separating, going solid or running out. This does mean that over the years I’ve acquired quite a few shades which I can’t bring myself to dispose of simply because the pot hasn’t run out and you never know when leather effect polish might come back into fashion. So unfortunately most of the shades I used to create these looks have now been discontinued, however I’ve found some current equivalents that should deliver the same result. For this relatively simple nail art I’ve used solid colours and a highly glittery top coat. If there’s a time of year for glitter on your nails without looking like a tweenager, the festive season is it and I intend to make the most of it.

Nail polish bottles and accessories on a sequin background

To achieve this look start by painting on two coats of Organic Glam in Violet. Previously featured in Is Organic Glam Nail Polish Natural? this is one of my favourite polishes for autumn and feels surprisingly versatile. Then using a dotting tool (discussed in my Man Repelling Nails post) dip the point in Nails Inc White Out and carefully draw a star on your ring finger. This is the trickiest part, especially when you have to use your non-writing hand. Unfortunately the only solutions I know of are: a manicurist housemate, or practice. Once touch dry the glitter goes on with one or two coats (depending on your desired level of shimmer) of the sparkly shade in Nails Inc The Future is Fairy duo set. And there you have it, a lone star shining bright in a purple constellation.

Let it snow manicure by FreshBeautyFix

Let it snow let it snow

This nail art feels like the mani-quivalent to those Fair Isle jumpers that crop up every winter, with their snowflake pattern etched across the chest and shoulders. I’d qualify this as another entry level manicure that looks more complex to achieve than it is. The base colour featured here is Teal from New Look, acquired at least two years ago when the retailer ha re-launched their entire beauty range. Their nail lacquer range seems to have got the chop as it’s no longer online, however OPI do a convincing doppelganger in the shape of Is That a Spear in Your Pockets? (yes really). Apply two coats of this – or any midnight blue shade if you fancy a more classic take on this winter sky – and wait until touch dry before starting on the fiddly part. Before plunging straight in, dotting tool in hand, I’d recommend a little planning to ensure that you have a balanced design across the whole hand. If you have a fine tool and a steady hand you can aim for one snowflake on small nails and two of varying sizes on the bigger surfaces. To be on the safe side though stick to one snowflake on the nails of the thumb, middle and ring finger, then once you’re happy with their placement, fill the space around them and on the remaining two nails with white dots. Finally add a topcoat to seal the nail and protect your design.

What are your go-to winter manicures? Would you give either of these a trial? Please leave a comment below to let me know.


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