‘If nature could talk, it would ask us to listen and choose organic’: this year’s Organic September campaign spearheaded by Soil Association, the charity promoting the benefits of organic food, farming and beauty. In the last couple of years I’ve highlighted Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, one week in September dedicated to highlighting the benefits of organic within beauty. This fits within the wider Organic September focus which raises awareness of the benefits organic farming can bring for our climate, nature and our health. Whilst it’s widely acknowledged that organically farmed ingredients positively affect your health – and the planet’s health – it can seem a little less straightforward for beauty products. So here are five organisations celebrating and promoting the benefits of choosing organic beauty.

The meaning of organic

But first a little refresher course: according to Neal’s Yard Remedies, organic ‘refers to a way of farming that works with nature, not against it, without the use of synthetic fertilisers and herbicides’. This helps preserves the soil’s vitality, creating a logical chain reaction: a rich soil leads to plants full of nutrients which when ingested leads to a healthy body. Ever compared those watery supermarket tomatoes with home grown sun ripened ones? Exactly. So how does that work with beauty products? Certified organic beauty uses organically farmed ingredients. These ingredients are richer in nutrients than their non-organic counterparts, so they will deliver more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your skin.

Blomma Beauty

Stocking only sustainable, natural and organic British beauty brands, Blomma Beauty sources high quality products from brands that prioritise transparency. Many of these brands I would consider pretty niche, i.e. you won’t find them in your local Boots or Waitrose. These brands were born out of a passion for natural, high efficacy products with a purpose, using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. Quality and provenance of ingredients in organic beauty products is crucial, and you will find this a recurring theme with all of the brands I’ve selected here. Where the products come from, what goes in them and how they are created is a huge part of what makes a product organic, as Provenance’s founder Jessi Baker testifies. 

This month’s highlight: Blomma are great at proposing beauty events all year round, and this month they offered the best value facials I’ve come across: 15min of pure pampering for only £5 – unbeatable. Look out for upcoming events here.

Nourish London

Created by Dr Pauline Hili, Nourish incorporates her 30 years’ experience (some of them gleaned at natural and organic beauty pioneer Neal’s Yard Remedies) harnessing the potent skincare benefits of natural ingredients. Products are certified vegan, cruelty-free, and organic or natural. As with many British natural brands, Nourish are certified by Soil Association, renowned as one of the world’s strictest organic authorising body: the entire supply chain of every ingredient is checked before being certified organic, from how it’s grown and harvested to how it’s processed and traded.

My new discovery this month is their Antioxidant Peptide Face Mist, a multi-tasking mist for instant hydration – thanks to hyaluronic acid – and soothing effect you can top up throughout the day (I can feel my dull wilted skin perking up after a particularly intensive screen session). 100ml RRP £22.00

Evolve Beauty

Another vegan, cruelty-free, natural and organic British brand which I keep coming back to for their fantastic formulas (have you tried their gold mask?), Evolve celebrate Organic September with not one but three new products. My favourite is their certified organic Nightly Renew Facial Cream, a rich and nourishing cream perfect for winter months when skin can become dehydrated from cold wind and central heating. It delivers some classic skin benefits such as plumping fine lines and wrinkles, detoxifying skin as you sleep and boosting cellular vitality. But it also boasts a blend of natural fragrances that is proven to help you fall asleep more quickly! Not that I really need that… 60ml RRP £32.00

Neal’s Yard Remedies

For a brand that’s been doing organic since its inception over 40 years ago, look no further than Neal’s Yard Remedies. In 2002 they were the first brand to certify organic skincare under the Soil Association’s beauty and wellbeing standards. As such they are well versed in the benefits of organic ingredients in skincare, and have a very useful post that explains what it means to have the Soil Association logo on a product. That product will have been formulated without:

  • animal testing
  • genetic modification
  • controversial chemicals
  • parabens and phthalates
  • synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

Organic ingredients are rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, ‘which work alongside the body’s natural abilities to increase collagen production, prevent free radical damage, and improve blood and oxygen flow to the skin’.

Latest in Beauty x Soil Association Beauty Box

If you’re a fan of subscription beauty boxes then this one’s for you: Latest in Beauty’s first ever partnership with The Soil Association delivers a box comprising of 7 full size certified organic and natural products. As usual with subscription boxes you get your money’s worth, with all of these goodies totalling £191. I’ve spotted a couple of my well-loved brands in there, including a Fushi oil and Neal’s Yard Remedies’ bestselling moisturiser. 7 products RRP £48 worth £191

Features gifted products

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