I mentioned in one of my first blog posts that the global natural beauty market showed no sign of slowing down, from multi-million pound conglomerates adding natural brands to their portfolio to niche organic skincare such as Bloom Remedies. So when I was researching natural and organic beauty brands in Wholefoods and came across Natura Siberica I immediately wanted to learn more about this botanical skincare brand which uses Siberian wild herbs for their unique antioxidants and protective properties. Carolyn from Natura Siberica’s UK distributor (you can read her Insider Q&A here) sent me a selection of products to try, here is the review.

Natura Siberica featuring Gentle Face Peeling, Sophora Japonica Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum

The Brand

Founded in 2007 by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Trubnikov, Natura Siberica harnesses the benefits of Siberian wild herbs that boast unique beauty benefits, having survived the Ice Age by adapting to one of the planets harshest of environments. Trubnikov made a smart marketing move by focusing his brand story on Siberia, a remote, snowy, romanticised landscape, rather than on his Russian origins, with the country’s questionable politics. With a factory in Estonia and several organically certified herb farms, Natura Siberica is distributed in 45 countries (source: BBC News).

Eco Certifications

To validate its natural claims the brand has an impressive number of certifications, some internationally recognisable such as COSMOS, others country-specific. There are other logos on the packaging which I suspect to be marketing tools rather than anything very official (Friendly Siberian Small Tribes anyone?). Official documentation is included on the brand’s website for review from the following certification bodies:

  • BDHI: a German organisation certifying natural cosmetics
  • Ecocert: one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world and the first to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics
  • COSMOS: internationally recognized natural and organic cosmetics certification created to harmonize several certifications including Soil Association (UK), Ecocert (France), Cosmebio (France), BDIH (Germany) and AIAB/ICEA (Italy)
  • ICEA: Institute of Ethic Certification, the main certifying body of natural cosmetics in Italy


Gentle Face Peeling

I’ve heard a lot about AHAs so when I saw it featured in this face peeling I had to try it. ‘Acid’ and ‘peeling’ aren’t the terms you’d associate with gentle skincare. I certainly approached them cautiously, with images of Sex and the City’s Samantha post-chemical peel (red angry blotchy face) playing in my mind. Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin, removing dead skin cells to make way for a softer smoother surface. They are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and dark spots, and it’s those last two claims that caught my attention. When the sun comes out I’m like a sunflower, turning my face towards the warm rays, which feels great in the moment but after years of exposure has resulted in hyper-pigmentation on my forehead. And the acne scars… well after more or less getting these under control, a bout of post-baby hormonal acne flared up, so it feels like there’s never been a better time to welcome AHAs into my skincare routine. ICEA-certified, vegan-friendly, enriched in cell renewal facilitating vitamin F and ideal for normal to dry skin, Natura Siberica’s Gentle Face Peeling feels creamy on application, with a very fine grit that sloughs away dead cells to reveal smooth skin I can’t stop touching – yes I’m stroking my own face. 150ml RRP £5.50

Natura Siberica Gentle Face Peeling and Sophora Japonica Night Cream

Sophora Japonica Day Cream

The Sophora Japonica range, developed for oily and combination skin, is named after the Japanese pagoda tree considered to have antibacterial, anti inflammatory and emollient properties. But before diving further into the product benefits I have to first highlight the beauty of this range’s packaging: a delicate pattern of wild herbs adorns the boxes in a muted teal shade and is finished off with silver debossed branding. I wouldn’t expect outer packaging for such a reasonably priced product but it definitely elevates the brand. Luckily it’s not just a pretty face, it actually delivers results: my skin feels hydrated yet mattified thanks to extracts of wild harvested Altai Fescue and organic Meadowsweet that hydrate skin and control sebum. Balanced is the word I keep coming back to: my skin feels like it’s in a happy place, and with SPF 15 this day cream will protect my skin from light sun exposure (though not sun bathing). 50ml RRP £7.95

Sophora Japonica Night Cream

Siberian Pine Oil is featured in all the Natura Siberica creams – it is 5 times richer in vitamin E than Olive Oil and 3 times richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil, so it can protect skin against the wind and cold weather. Oh and it also contains vitamin P from Sophora Japonica to soothe skin and stimulate regeneration. I haven’t been able to test its benefits in the cold depths of winter yet, but as far as nourishing my skin overnight, it has delivered its promise without overloading, which I find some heavier night creams can do. 50ml RRP £8.50

Natura Siberica Sophora Japonica serum and day cream

Sophora Japonica Face Serum

The trend for Korean-inspired 10-step skincare routines is still going strong, however I find that my skin responds better to the less is more approach (which I explore in my bathroom shelfie post). As much as possible I stick to 3 to 4 products in the morning and evening, switching products depending on my skin’s needs. So here to complete the line up is the Sophora Japonica Face Serum, taking me to a classic 3-step skincare routine of cleanse, serum, moisturise. The formula’s consistency is thinner than ones I’ve used previously but not unpleasant. It quickly sinks into skin without leaving a tacky residue – if you’re not a fan of sheet masks’ gloopy texture this product is for you. Wild harvested milfoil and organic chamomile extracts soothe and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates. My skin feels just the right amount of hydrated and mattified, and at just £11.75 you’ll find the price point hard to beat. 30ml RRP £11.75

Natura Siberica products present well, are reasonably priced, deliver results, and many are certified natural or organic. All in all a lovely skincare discovery and one that will be staying in my bathroom cabinet. Have you tried Natura Siberica products? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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