When I met Natura Siberica’s Head of PR Carolyn (you can read her Q&A here) a few months ago at an event, we chatted about cocktails, outings and of course skincare. Particularly about the upcoming launch of Natura Siberica’s certified organic cruelty-free range of light-as-air serums. With my constant search for the ultimate skincare routine perfectly tailored to my skin’s needs, I was intrigued by these booster type serums that target a specific concern. The range consists of four options, the only one I haven’t tried is the Pore Minimizing Serum but as this is for oily and combination skin it probably wouldn’t quite work for my dehydrated skin. The brand offers beauty products promoting the benefits of Siberian wild herbs, so there are a few ingredients here that are new to me.

Natura Siberica organic face serums

Natura Siberica Brightening Face Serum

Starting with my favourite serum out of the three, this brightening gel boasts a high concentration of vitamin C thanks to Kuril Tea which grows in the Altai mountain region of Siberia. Also known as bloodroot, it offers toning and radiance properties and is accompanied by hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant vitamin E. As the orange packaging looks like Clinique’s Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C I initially thought it was designed to be mixed with my moisturiser, however as a serum I would apply three drops to clean skin before my cream. I’m a big fan of vitamin C’s brightening effect, which this serum delivers for a natural glow – the kind of skincare result that would suit everyone. 15ml RRP £10.49

Natura Siberica organic brightening face serums

Natura Siberica Multi Protection Face Aqua-Serum

I found this serum’s name a little vague and all-encompassing and therefore harder to get behind. The brightening one is so straightforward: radiance – vitamin C – got it. But what does multi-protection mean? This serum’s star ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea, a herb that grows in cold mountainous regions of Europe and Asia and also known as arctic root or golden root – a hardy little thing then. Rich in copper, zinc and essential oils, it helps protect skin against environmental aggressors. The texture is beautiful, it feels like water and sinks straight into skin, but feels incredibly hydrating and keeps my skin looking plump throughout the day. A good all-rounder but I still prefer the brightening option. 15ml RRP £10.49 

Natura Siberica Organic Serums

Natura Siberica Anti-Gravity Face Serum

There is only so much product my face can trial at any one time so I gifted this serum to a friend in exchange for his feedback on it. This one is the anti-ageing offering, although considering my friend is actually younger than me and looks another 5 years younger than his actual age, maybe this wasn’t his main skin concern. The kindly named Anti-Gravity (yep, your face is heading south) serum contains organic Snow Cladonia which helps rejuvenate skin, as well as nourishing Siberian pine oil and hydrating Hyaluronic acid, both of which also featured in the other two serums. So what’s the verdict? Well the packaging didn’t score highly as it was deemed confusing, and I see what he means, to me it spoke of ingredient-led booster rather than serum, but once you get used to it there’s a satisfaction in controlling the output from a simple push of a button. Similarly to the other serums, the texture is very light, lighter than a typical gel or serum, which provides a perfect base under makeup or a moisturiser. My friend didn’t experience any irritation whatsoever and the formula settled into skin quickly. Although the product size is relatively small, probably only half the size of a standard serum bottle, the price is proportionate and it does mean you can switch from one serum to another quite quickly – which for my skincare magpie tendencies, suits me just fine. 15ml RRP £10.49

What skin benefits do you look for in a serum? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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