In the world of marketing we love a bit of jargon: SEO, CTA, bounce back… and then there are the beauty specific ones that tend to be word hybrids: skinfluencers (influencers who specialise in skincare), refillution (the refills revolution – finally – sweeping the beauty space) and skinmalism: a minimalist approach to your skincare routine where less is more. Forbes called it ‘the biggest beauty trend for 2021’, highlighting that the excess of the previously revered K-beauty 12-step routine felt like clutter in our personal space. I think this trend will keep growing in the next few years, not because we look to declutter our lives, but because:

  1. Our skin is becoming increasingly sensitised by external aggressors (particularly for those of us living in urban areas) and the less we put on our face, the less chance it has of reacting
  2. The last two years have had a negative financial impact on many wallets 
  3. A sustainable approach to beauty means using only what our skin needs, not haphazardly piling on products

Californian skincare brand JUNOCO offers skinmalism in every aspect: clean formulas only contain 10 ingredients so they’re gentle yet effective on skin, they promote a simple approach to skincare routines, and prices are reasonable. Minimalist skincare isn’t just about skin benefits: the wider picture must include treading carefully on the planet. All products are cruelty-free, vegan, using organic and ethically sourced ingredients housed in 100% recyclable packaging.  With these credentials I can’t wait to delve into JUNOCO’s less is more cleansers.

Clean 10 Cleansing Balm

According to skincare formulation chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu, authors of Skincare Decoded, cleansing acts as an age-prevention step. And seeing as I still try to convince myself that I’m too young to commit to a dedicated anti-ageing range of products (even though my skin says otherwise), a good cleanser seems like the perfect antidote. Whereas I used to firmly stick to gel cleansers in my twenties to tackle my oily to combination skin, in my thirties I’ve full heartedly embraced oil and balm cleansers. As a result I’ve tried many balm versions, from bestsellers like Elemis Pro Collagen Balm to niche natural beauties like Alexa Sky Botanicals The One Balm. JUNOCO’s bestselling balm is so light and fluffy, I just love dipping my fingers in this soft buttery goodness. And the scent! Californian tangerines give it its fresh fragrance and soft yellow colour. A pure joy to use, it luckily also does the job of removing makeup and cleansing without stripping skin of its natural oils, all with only 10 ingredients including star ingredient Japanese Barley Magic, full of vitamins and antioxidants for a brighter complexion. And I can vouch for the radiance. 85g RRP £12.00

Clarifying Cleansing Powder

If I had to choose only one form of cleanser it would have to be the powder to foam format. Providing deep cleansing exfoliation that’s gentle enough for everyday use, it’s a highly sustainable format as it’s waterless and compact (lower carbon footprint). The two I really rate are Dermalogica’s super fine Daily Microfoliant and C-Berrica Renewal Foaming Face Powder. JUNOCO’s Cleansing Powder will be joining the ranks thanks to its ease of use and the way it leaves my skin feeling baby soft. The papaya enzyme exfoliates dead cells whilst hyaluronic acid adds hydration, so you’re left with refreshed rather than tight skin. The rice powder, a rich source of antioxidants, is an upcycled ingredient, a by product of the food industry which would otherwise go to waste. Expect to see lots more beauty brands highlighting their upcycled skincare ingredients in a bid to reduce waste. 50g RRP £14.00

Cleansing Cookie

Don’t be deceived by its powder puff vibes – although this baby blue fluffy disc looks more at home on a dressing table in a boudoir than in a bathroom cabinet, it’s actually a cleansing pad. Swapping single use cotton discs for reusable pads has probably been my biggest sustainable beauty move this year so far, with the likes of MSA Bamboo Facial Rounds (so so soft!) helping me to practically eradicate my use of cotton discs – I only use them now for removing nail polish. JUNOCO’s cotton cleansing cookie may look like a little blue cloud of candyfloss, but it’s effective at removing all traces of grime and makeup from my face in the gentlest way possible. for the ultimate cleanse, I pair it with the Clean 10 Cleansing Balm, using it wet to remove the balm: wet, massage, rinse, repeat. It’s recommended to wash it once or twice a week, but with my reusable pads I wash them after every use to avoid smearing residue over my face the following day. This pad is machine washable so as my 5-year-old would say, ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’. RRP £7.00

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