Where do you buy your natural skincare from? Although you can now shop this category to your heart’s content in many mainstream beauty outlets, to source the more niche brands you’ll need to head to natural beauty specialists, some of which I shared a little while back in Where To Shop for Organic and Natural Beauty Products. Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list, and as fast as I write a new post, I discover another beauty destination such as Seekology, offering indie beauty and wellbeing products. The latest destination I come across is Blomma, hosting organic, natural and sustainable skincare and beauty brands. This venture started with a personal journey when founder Karen decided to switch to an all-natural and organic beauty regime but struggled to find her way through patchy choices and minimal advice. Blomma Beauty was born (meaning to bloom in Swedish): featuring skincare, bodycare, haircare and self-care (in this instance ranging from candles to women’s health products), there are a couple of great features that help it stand apart from its competitors:

  1. Skincare ingredient directory: a helpful inventory of key ingredients featured in the products stocked by Blomma, from the classic rosehip to the more unusual babassu oil, explaining where each ingredient comes from, what it’s used for and which products feature it.
  2. Organic beauty sample pack: not sure you want to commit to a full-size brand-new skincare routine? Try before you buy with this great service which offers 3 samples tailored to your skin type for only £1.50. And if your skin likes what it gets, you’ll benefit from a discount on the full-size purchases.

Here I test a selection of skincare products from beauty brands new to my repertoire thanks to Blomma.

Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic

Wow what a scent! I’m a big fan of rose skincare, not just for the fragrance which reminds me of the classic rose water which I used as a pre-teen, before I delved exclusively into acne-specific products and tea tree oil became the dominating scent. Although the brand name is inspired by a French term relating to nature, it’s actually based in Suffolk, with all products handmade there. But back to this lovely 100% natural product: designed to tone, calm and rebalance, it’s also hydrating so works well as a toner after cleansing, post makeup as a finishing touch, or throughout the day as a refreshing pick me up. And did I mention the beautiful rose scent? Nothing artificial here, the certified organic and cruelty-free tonic is undiluted with water so what you get is a pure blend of rose flower water, rose otto essential oil and soothing calendula extract. The only other ingredient you’ll see on the label in naturally occurring sugar-cane alcohol, residue from the process for making a herbal tincture. It doesn’t get much purer than that, and having recently emptied The Body Shop’s Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist, this tonic will be taking its place on my desk for a mid afternoon spritz. The spray isn’t particularly fine but it goes wide so just a couple of sprays cover my entire face. 50ml RRP £15.00

Silvan Skincare Marshmallow and Calendula Hand Cream

Well I was pleasantly surprised by this natural, certified vegan and cruelty-free hand cream. Not because I didn’t expect it to moisturise my hands, but looking at the thick unctuous texture I anticipated a bit of a greasy residue, making this product more appropriate for pre-bedtime application. Enriched in moisturising shea butter and organic oils to nurture and calm dry skin, the rich formula made in Wales actually sinks into skin surprisingly quickly, leaving no residue whatsoever and even providing a refreshing effect. My hands look and feel hydrated with only a small application. Housed in an aluminium tin, the packaging is not only fully recyclable but reusable if you fancy giving it a second life as a jewellery box, button box or homemade candle container. 50ml RRP £12.00

MSA Skincare Reusable Bamboo facial rounds

So so soft! I first discovered reusable face pads thanks to The Konjac Sponge Co and their Eye Cleansing pads which I used on the whole face with a cream cleanser. But recently I’ve been guilty of using a micellar cleanser in the evening with single use cotton pads, so these machine washable pads are getting me back on track with eliminating single use items in my bathroom. Made from 2 layers of organic bamboo towelling, they initially loose a little fluff around the edges, but feel super soft against skin and work well with cream cleansers, leaving skin feeling smooth thanks to the gentle irritation-free buffing action. 5 pads RRP £6.50

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