As a skincare enthusiast I’m always up for trying new creams and innovative masks. And the last year’s tame social schedule of spending the night in or, huh, spending the night in has given me ample opportunity to up my skincare game and indulge in the multi-masking trend. But there’s only so far topical products can take you. Inner health has grown in awareness and popularity, and with all the external stressors leaving their mark on our skin, I’m one of the many who rely on health and beauty supplements to give skin an internal health kick and glow boost. From multi-vitamin tablets to gummies and liquid shots, I’ve tried a fair few hair, skin and nail supplements, but I had never come across Australian brand Swisse Me until they contacted me. With vibrant packaging and easy to use products, Swisse Me offers a broad range of vitamins and health boosters to seamlessly fit into your everyday life. Here I trial a selection of beauty-focused supplements in various formats to figure out which one suits my lifestyle best.

Swisse me boost me smoothie box

Best for: on the go

First impressions? These individual pouches remind me of baby food: those pureed meals that come in exactly the same packaging as these smoothies and which were actually a celebrity diet craze a few years back. Luckily these energy blends come in grown up flavours rather than the typical baby feast of mashed peas and cauliflower cheese. With fruity combos such as apple, banana and raspberry, and pear, peach and apricot, these make perfect breakfast additions or mid-morning pick-me-ups (and no added sugar needed). They are all enriched in collagen (so unlikely to be suitable for vegans) for skin-plumping benefits, as well as magnesium (up to 24% of your recommended daily allowance) to support healthy muscle function and help protect skin from external damage. I keep them by my desk to pick up in between work calls, but their format makes them ideal on-the-go energy boosters. 7x 120g RRP £14.95

Swisse Me Hair Skin and Nail Gummies

Best for: easy use

If you’re looking for a vegan health supplement option then these cherry-flavoured (only natural) gummies will do the trick. Containing glow-boosting vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid and Biotin for healthy skin and nails, these chewable gummies are so easy to work into your daily routine, it’s no surprise they’ve become such a popular format. Alongside the smoothie pouches they’ve also found their place by my desk – yes my working space is home to a hoard of health and beauty products. This pot will have you covered for 2 months with a daily dose of shine and growth for hair and nails. 60 gummies RRP £14.95

swisse me 10-day glowing skin shots plan

Best for: beauty buffs

I always struggle with this format the most. My first foray into liquid shots came in the guise of LQ’s biotin shots for healthy skin, hair and nails. Yes my skin looked super healthy after a 2-week programme, but the smell took some getting used to. I’ve smelled worst with beauty shots – the very first hit me with a fishy smell strong enough to make me gag – but every year I try a new option with a less offensive smell, giving me hope that one day they’ll actually make it on the tasty list. But for now these are best drunk in one swift gulp and followed up with a mouthful of something a bit more appetising to chase away the after taste. To be clear, it’s nowhere near as bad as the gag-inducing fish oil one I first tried years ago, but out of all of these Swisse Me products it’s my least favourite. Enriched in collagen to help keep skin firm and glowing, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and antioxidant grape seed, it’s fast becoming a beauty boost staple. 10x 30ml liquid shots RRP £29.95

Swisse Me Vanilla Cinnamon Vegan Protein Powder

Best for: indulgent taste

Well this plant-based powder provided the most pleasant surprise for me. A blend of protein, vitamins and minerals naturally sweetened with vanilla and cinnamon, it was the last product I tried and the one I had the least interest in. Fruit purees, gummies that taste like sweets and liquid shots I was already familiar with and could easily get on board with, but powders were not part of my daily diet. The instructions on the back of pack suggest blending the powder in your morning smoothie. The last time I used a blender was probably close to a year ago. Since moving house I don’t even know where it’s stored. You can also bake with it by incorporating it into cakes. Ha. For homemade baking I rely on my sister’s Ottolenghi-inspired concoctions, and I doubt she’ll be impressed if I suggest adding a few spoonfuls of this. I tried to mix it to a shop-bought banana and strawberry smoothie, but even as a frantically tried to beat the powder in with a fork I knew that the flavour combination wouldn’t work. But then I stirred it into hot milk and I discovered my new favourite morning drink. So warming, comforting and sweet, it reminded me of my days as a nursing assistant in a care home handing out mugs of Horlicks to the residents. I absolutely mean this in a good way – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. 8x 30g RRP £14.95

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