If I look back at my posts from the last 12 months, unsurprisingly thanks to my obsession with glowing skin a fair number of them are dedicated to that very topic: how to achieve it, what ingredients and products deliver it, and which are my favourite. From Caudalie’s Vinoperfect radiance range to my never-ending list of brightening beauty empties and vitamin C-themed skincare collections, glowing skin has become one of the most sought-after beauty results across all age groups. And I’m no exception to this trend. Which is why I’m very excited to finally be able to share a review of Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Wild Rose skincare collection. As Head of Product for the brand, this was the very first skincare range I trialled nearly a year ago, when it was still in development in our laboratory and our formulators were working on getting each product to deliver the best radiance result possible. With this collection in the pipeline, it felt like an exciting moment to join the brand. When I was working at Clinique I posted a review of their glow-inducing (yes it truly is a running theme here at Fresh Beauty Fix) Moisture Surge range, highlighting that the key reason for writing about the brand I worked for: because I genuinely appreciated this particular range, regardless of my affiliation with the brand at the time. The same applies to this review. I only write about the brand I work for when the products have truly made a strong impression. If anything I’m more critical and harder to impress. So here I review the Wild Rose skincare collection.

Wild rose AHA Toner

Inspired by Neal’s Yard Remedies no.1 bestselling Wild Rose Beauty Balm (a multipurpose balm to cleanse and nourish skin), the entire collection is certified organic and features wild rosehip oil for that sought-after natural glow. The AHA Toner is hands down my favourite product from the range. A first for the brand and very reasonably priced at £18 for 200ml, it contains 2% AHAs – caviar lime fruit extract and citric acid – to gently ‘eat away’ at dead skin cells and reveal a brighter smoother skin. Enriched in soothing aloe vera and hydrating glycerine, it is gentle enough for everyday use and for sensitive skin (a couple of times a week). You can apply it with a cotton or bamboo pad but the resurfacing action comes from the formula itself rather than the sweeping motion of the application, so if you want to save on applicators just pour – carefully! – directly into palms and press onto skin. Satisfyingly the results are visible immediately and only get more impressive with continued use. 200ml RRP £18.00

Wild Rose Eye Brightener

This little tube packs a punch and has earned its name of Eye Brightener. Lightweight and fast absorbing, it not only contains hyaluronic acid to instantly hydrate and plump the delicate skin around the eye, but also light-reflecting mineral pigments to tackle dark circles and green tea caffeine to de-puff. I apply just a grain of rice amount across both eyes and tap into skin from the top of the cheek bone up to the brow bone. It’s not a substitute for a good night’s sleep – nor should any skincare product become that crutch – but it does brighten up the area. 10ml RRP £18.00

Wild Rose Glow Day Cream

If there’s one thing Neal’s Yard is known for it’s the beautiful natural scents it offers, from the refreshing Geranium & Orange to the calming Beauty Sleep essential oils blend and of course the delicate floral Wild Rose, which makes this Glow Day Cream a pleasure to use. With grapeseed oil and plant-derived fatty acids to nourish tired-looking skin without weighing it down, this moisturiser leaves skin looking healthy and glowing. 50ml RRP £30.00

Wild Rose Glow Facial Oil

Even with combination skin I am a big fan of facial oils as they give that extra boost of hydration, particularly during the cold winter months when central heating dries out my skin. But with summer months come windy days trips to the beach, chlorinated swimming pools and dehydrated skin which means an oil still comes in handy. This multipurpose Glow Facial Oil is dry and light enough to be used alone or with the Glow Day Cream for a radiance boost without the oily residue. So in the summer I will be adding a couple of drops of this lightweight oil to my moisturiser as part of my evening skincare routine, and come winter I’ll just up the oil to cream ratio for an extra glow boost. 30ml RRP £28.00

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