It’s that time of year that sparks new year new you resolutions including an array of health kicks from joining a gym (and actually going) to adopting a plant-based diet (hello Veganuary) and giving up alcohol (welcome to dry January). Well I gave the first one a go, turning up at my local gym on a Sunday morning before 9am, feeling very smug about completing an hour of cardio only to weigh myself in the changing room and realise I’ve put on 4kg over the Christmas holidays. Urgh what’s the point. I thought I’d try the second health kick (not that I’m a big meat eater anyway), eating avocado on toast for lunch until I was told by a colleague that Mexican avocados fund drug cartels (?!). And dry January? I’m not even going there. The prospect of a cold glass of white wine is what gets me through my toddler’s bedtime most evenings. So how do I get my new year health kick? I’ll happily get on board with these beauty products.

healthy beauty products on a rattan mat with fruit

Temple Spa The Power Breakfast 

The concept of smearing your breakfast ingredients onto your face might sound unappealing (dripping honey, crusty muesli, squashed fruit) but it turns out skin enjoys a good breakfast as much as our taste buds do. Luckily Temple Spa have managed to combine all these nutritious ingredients into an elegant Face Scrub & Mask. Containing exfoliating oats, nourishing honey, fruit and cleansing juice to decongest and brighten dull complexions, this scrub and mask is dubbed ‘health kick in a jar’ by the brand (of which you can find out more in my Q&A with Temple Spa’s Head of Product). After cleansing my skin I apply a pea-sized amount to my still-damp skin (as recommended on the instructions – yes I always read the instructions) on the T-zone and leave on for 5 minutes before massaging into skin in small circular movements with gentle pressure. I wash it off with my trusty Pai dual-sided cloth to reveal polished and balanced skin. 85g RRP £28.00

Temple Spa The Power Breakfast

Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo Golden Citrus

I’ve probably said this before, but my hair doesn’t benefit from the same attention as my face, which gets to try out the latest skincare launches and trends. Most days it’s a case of wash, condition, rough dry and go. Although last year I managed to introduce Umberto Giannini’s Flowerology serum to my routine as part of my new year beauty resolutions to nourish my hair. This year it’s getting a health kick in the guise of this clean shampoo. 100% natural, 73% organic (certified by the Soil Association), and clean (meaning no synthetic ingredients), this shampoo doesn’t froth and lather like some of the high street options I’ve used in the past, but my hair feels just as clean and refreshed. The most noticeable and instant result? I no longer have an itchy scalp, possibly thanks to the first ingredient being soothing aloe vera, not water (something I’ve never seen before in any of the shampoos I’ve used previously). This is a game changer. 250ml RRP £25.00

Tabitha James Kraan clean shampoo

Nourish Bergamot & Cardamom Shower Cream

With its invigorating (read pretty strong) scent of Bergamot Essential Oil and warming Cardamom Seed Oil, this pearlescent shower cream provides a morning wake up rather than a health kick, although you could argue that with its certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free credentials (as with all Nourish products) it’s a healthy addition to any green beauty bathroom. Grab your end of sale bargain with this 300ml Limited edition RRP £16.00 reduced to £12.00

healthy beauty products on a rattan mat

LQ Skin, Hair, Nails

When I was contacted by a PR agency about trying these liquid supplements, I had my reservations. An old colleague used to drink a health supplement daily and swore this was her secret to good skin. She offered me a little bottle to try but as I brought it to my lips I gagged at the smell. An unbearable fishy smell hit me and I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I thought it had gone off, but it was due to the fish oil contained in many of these supplements as it provides Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for skin’s hydration. Give me a good moisturiser anytime over that smell. But this was a few years ago so I thought it’s fine, progress has been made and companies will have found a way to make it taste better. What’s the verdict? Well it doesn’t smell fishy, but it still doesn’t smell great either. The taste is bearable once you get used to it – I make sure I drink it all in one go just before breakfast so I can mask the taste quickly with a cereal bar. It tastes like it’s been sweetened to mask something – possibly a fishy taste. So is it worth it? Containing anti-ageing collagen and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, I’ve been drinking the 50ml bottles daily for the last 2 weeks and although it’ll take a while to assess the result on my hair, my skin looks healthy and my nails feel strong. No breakouts, no breakages. Just don’t breathe. 10x 50ml RRP £29.99

Do you have any beauty health kicks to share? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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