I may have worked in the beauty business for over 10 years, but it’s since creating Fresh Beauty Fix that I’ve discovered how rich the indie beauty scene is. No matter how much I think I know about the industry, there’s always a new product, trend or brand to uncover, and I’m never happier than when it’s a niche natural beauty brand bringing a new perspective. When I discovered Happi Body Co Cleansing Melt I felt I’d unearthed sustainable beauty’s best kept secret, with its 100% biodegradable microplastic-free jar crafted from FSC-certified sustainable Nordic wood. So when Zaffrin the Co-Founder of niche British brand Five Dot Botanics got in touch with me about working together, I felt like I’d discovered the secret to fuss-free skincare: each product only contains five ingredients. All natural. That’s it. The simplicity of the ingredients lists is reflected in their brand name and logo, which is Morse code for FIVE. Certified vegan by The Vegan Society, formulas are clean and minimal to ensure you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. But does this ‘do more with less’ approach still deliver on high performance? Read on to find out how I get on with three products from the range.

Five Dot Botanics Skincare

Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm

As my skin has become more dehydrated and less oily with age, I’ve introduced balm cleansers into my evening skincare routine to remove makeup, rather than use a gel or cream cleanser. Balms feel so nourishing, gentle and calming, and thanks to the oils and butters in the formula I don’t get that tightening, drying sensation post-cleanse. This face balm comes in an easy to use pump bottle that delivers a varying amount of formula depending on room temperature: the balm is rich and unctuous, so in cold weather you’ll need two or three pumps, then warm it between your hands before massaging into dry skin. In warm weather the balm softens and one pump is enough. I then wipe my face and neck clean with Pai’s dual sided muslin cloth for gentle exfoliation. And the scent? Aromatic lavender flower oil and sunflower seed wax – a burst of Provence. This balm effectively removes makeup (although I’d use an eye makeup remover for mascara) and the glycerin keeps my skin soft and moisturised. 50ml RRP £24.00

Five Dot Botanics Cleansing Face Balm

Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil

I’ve only really started using facial oils in earnest in the last couple of years, but since then they’ve been a regular feature in my evening skincare routine. The fact that you have to spend time massaging it into skin adds a mini treatment effect to what could be an otherwise mundane routine. With a blend of four oils and carotenoids (pigments that give colour to plants such as carrots and tomatoes), this oil is called Daily Prep but I find that its richness is better suited to night time application. On application I thought this oil would be better suited to dry skin, but the result following morning tells me my skin needed this: it looked plump, nourished and soothed. And if you like your skincare to smell as neutral as possible, this facial oil will be right up your street. 30ml RRP £26.00

Five Dot Botanics Facial Oil

Brighten Up Balancing Mist

As with the Cleansing Balm and Facial Oil, this mist feels gentle and soothing. No tingling sensation, no dryness or tightness, no irritation, no flare ups, this approach reminds me of Pai’s incredibly gentle skincare products. Of all three Five Dot Botanics products I’ve tested this is the one I reach for the most often, so it’s no surprise I’ve already included it in my facial mists round up post. This delicate superfine mist contains detoxifying rose water, moisturising glycerin, skin renewing pomegranate, and balancing levulinic acid and sodium levulinate. I spritz this after using the Daily Prep facial oil and am left with skin looking the most hydrated and soothed it’s been for a while. And that rose water scent… 50ml RRP £28.00

Five Dot Botanics vegan skincare

If you’re overwhelmed by ingredients lists and confused as to each ingredient’s purpose within the formula, this brand cuts through the noise and simplifies skincare. Tempted by any of these products? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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