Welcome to this non-beauty related post where you can learn how to make your own DIY fabric face mask. The coronavirus pandemic has altered most of our lifestyle habits for the last few months and potentially for the foreseeable future. Single use items are back in force and any sustainable habits we’d worked hard to embed in our daily lives have most likely gone out the window. Eating out has been replaced with takeaways stored in throwaway containers. Reusable coffee cups are no longer accepted in coffee shops. Single use face masks and disposable latex gloves litter the pavements. And with so many of us taking the opportunity to spring clean our homes, where are all the discarded clothes going?

If you’re looking for a protective face mask that’s kind to the planet here are the instructions on how to make one, along with a free printable pattern which my mum has designed and kindly shared for everyone’s use. With her background in fashion and her attention to detail, this mask is a great fit and has become one of my handbag essentials (along with Botanicals’ Sanitizing Spray).

Fabric face mask

Please note however that this face mask was not designed by a health professional. I use it when I’m on public transport for example, and it can help you feel more at ease in public settings like shops, but if you work in a medical environment or with COVID-19 patients please seek appropriate PPE as this is not a medical-grade face mask.

Fabric face mask pattern

Careful if printing out this pattern you may need to adjust print settings to ensure the dimensions are reflected correctly.

Materials needed

  • A4 size of cotton fabric for the outer shell
  • A4 size of cotton fabric for the lining
  • Filter layer (eg. interfacing non-woven cotton or high-filter vacuum cleaner bag)
  • 2x elastic bands or approx. 50cm thin elastic to secure behind ears
  • Approx. 20cm wire thread to grip to the bridge of the nose
  • Sewing thread
  • A sewing machine

Instructions on how to make a face mask

Care instructions

Masks are washable by hand in hot soapy water. Rinse well then leave to drip dry and reform its shape.

Hope you find this post useful!




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