Gulped down coffee, breakfast on the go and mascara stealthily applied on the tube. Sound familiar? Whether you’re getting ready for work or for the school run (or both!), mornings can be hectic so creating a daily full-on contoured face à la Kardashian isn’t often on the priority list. I’m the first to admit I used to prioritise snooze time over bathroom time (even working in beauty), and now with a little one to also get ready in the mornings, any beauty regime has to be quick and fuss-free. So how to get the right balance? With a few hard working and easy to apply products you can cover skincare, makeup and even a spritz of fragrance in 5 super efficient minutes. Up for the challenge? Ready, set, go!

Beauty flatlay featuring skincare makeup and perfume

Start with a radiant base

Prepping the skin is probably the most important beauty step to a quick routine: with a healthy clean base the makeup will not only sit more comfortably on skin but you will need less product and less blending. Choosing a cleanser enriched in hyaluronic acid – this year’s hero skincare ingredient – will give you an extra moisture boost. And if you live in an urban area, aim to tackle the negative effects of pollution head on with the likes of Nourish’s Kale 3D Cleanse. Thanks to kale’s unique enzyme system that helps eliminate environmental stressors, this cruelty-free vegan-accredited solution can remove damage and help protect skin. I love the cleanser’s veggie scent and colour changing to green when it’s ready to be washed off. If you like the sound of this brand check out my review of their Protect Starter Collection.

Show your peepers some TLC

As busy parents will be all too aware, the eye area tends to be the first to show signs of fatigue. Skin is thinner and more delicate around the eye therefore requires a light formula that still provides good hydration to help blur fine lines. To avoid inessential bathroom mirror time choose a product that can be applied on the go. Alexa Sky Botanicals’ Eye Serum comes with a rollerball applicator which means one roll around each eye (a little goes a long way) and a quick smoothing over with fingertips has you ready for the next beauty step. This vegan friendly serum is packed full of essential oils so you may want to apply in the evening if you’re looking to follow up with eye makeup. I first discovered this natural British brand over at Rare Beauty so if you like the sound of this take a look at the other brands listed there.

Alexa Sky Botanicals Cactus Fruit Eye Serum

Choose multi-purpose products

When it comes to coverage, a heavy duty foundation may feel like the solution to hiding tired skin, but often turns out to be a false friend. Not only does it require a reasonable amount of blending and smoothing but it will act as a mask that can dim the skin’s natural radiance, with formula settling into and accentuating fine lines. For a lighter option look to BB creams: they not only even out complexions whilst providing a fresh faced finish, but also moisture skin. I’m a big fan of La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream which offers the additional benefit of SPF 20; certainly not enough for extended sun exposure but suitable for the commute. When pressed for time this multi-purpose beauty product will deliver 3 highly desired results: hydrated skin, even complexion and protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Frame your face

Since Cara Delevingne burst onto the catwalk and graced countless beauty campaigns, eyebrows have been the topic of many beauty debates and continue to be a strong grooming focus. Subtly defined brows can lift and frame your whole face so it’s worth spending one of your precious five beauty routine minutes to give them a little attention. Applying featherlight strokes of a soft brow pencil to fill in sparse eyebrows can really enhance your features. For a fool-proof option my favourite is Benefit Goof Proof Brow pencil for its angled tip, blending brush and super soft colour. If you’d like to browse the full review have a look at my Perfect Eyebrows post.

Beauty products for a 5 minute morning routine

Add a little colour

When time is not on your side lipstick application can seem a fiddly and lengthy process, requiring a steady hand for a precise finish and avoiding the dreaded lipstick-on-teeth look. A lipgloss will still provide some colour but without the fuss. Depending on the chosen shade it can also double up as a cream blusher when applied on the cheek bone, as you would a highlighter. The main benefit of a gloss though is application which can, if the colour is sheer enough, be done on the go and without the use of a mirror. If you’d rather have access to a mirror then pick the clever multi-award winning CID Cosmetics i-gloss which not only has one incorporated on the side of the product, but also features a mini light for application at any time of day – or to help you find the house keys lost at the bottom of your handbag.

The final touch

As the 5 minutes are up there is still time to add a final beauty step: fragrance adds the finishing touch to this super quick morning routine. Depending on the strength of your chosen perfume (an eau de toilette is lighter than an eau de parfum), a couple of sprays onto pulse points should see you through the day, but if you suffer from sensitive skin it can simply be misted onto hair. If you want to ensure you’re not wearing the same fragrance as the next person, Miller Harris’ Tea Tonique infused with earl grey and nutmeg is a good bet. The time-saving trick is to keep your favourite bottle of perfume by the front door so that you can spritz as you rush out.

What does your morning beauty routine look like? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your tips!

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