Welcome to the next instalment of the #beautyinsider Q&As, where you can find out who is behind some of your favourite beauty brands, what they are working on and how they got there. This month’s guest is Angeline Noblanc, National Training Manager at Caudalie. Only recently settled in the UK, Angeline trained at the stunning Vinotherapie Spa in Bordeaux, and those years of expertise showed in the incredible facial and massage I received in her very capable hands. From tired skin to pigmentation and blemishes, there isn’t a skin concern that she can’t tackle. Here Angeline shares some of this year’s key skincare trends as well as her UK travel wishlist.

Caudalie National Training Manager

1. Hi Angeline, thank you for being my Insider Q&A guest this month. Let’s start at the beginning: how did you become a UK National Training Manager?

I’d been with Caudalie for a few years working at the Vinotherapie Spa in Bordeaux when the European Training Manager asked me to support her. It’s been a busy time for the brand as we’ve been opening lots of new boutiques so she needed a helping hand in the UK. As I’m trained in Caudalie’s spa as well as boutique treatments, I was promoted a few months ago to the position of UK National Training Manager. With two boutique-spas in London, a newly opened one in North London and a fourth opening next month in Notting Hill, as well as our urban spas in partnership with select hotels, I’m definitely keeping busy!

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

It really depends on my focus for that particular day. If I’m working in store, once I’ve opened the boutique I’ll check emails for appointments then set up the treatment rooms – I’m then ready to welcome our clients for facials, massages and product recommendations. If I’m leading a refresher course for our therapists working at the urban spas, I’ll organise a session at our new Islington boutique-spa for the day. I’ll check with them what areas they need to improve on and we’ll practice the treatments. For therapists new to Caudalie they spend a week at the spa in Bordeaux for a full induction, I then follow up with them on specific areas they want to focus on. After performing a massage I always wash my hands in cold water to remove all the energy and to relax my muscles. I should also stretch out my arms really but somehow never get around to doing that!

Caudalie boutique spa Islington

Image courtesy of Caudalie SAS (all rights reserved)

3. What do you love most about Caudalie?

The products are really high quality and natural, with grapes as their star ingredient. It’s such an original story, to have started a skincare range from a vineyard, something very unique that Caudalie offers.

4. What is the best and the worst thing about your job?

The best part is the customer satisfaction. Whether they’ve just had a facial or bought a product from the boutique, when a client comes back and says to me ‘my skin has improved since I used your product, thank you’ or ‘this was the best facial ever!’ it feels very rewarding on a personal level, I really appreciate that.

And the worst part… honestly nothing! Even if I’m tired after a long day, I’m so enthusiastic and passionate about what I do it’s always rewarding.

5. What is the most common skin complaint you come across with your clients?

The most common I’ve come across in the UK is combination skin, with complaints of oily T-zone, blemishes and dehydrated skin. Unsurprisingly in London many clients request anti-pollution treatments for a balanced and hydrated result. Whereas our clients at the spa in Bordeaux are looking for a relaxing experience, with a little hydrating and refreshing facial or anti-ageing and firming treatment, our customers in the UK boutiques are more results-driven and want to see immediate effects on their skin.

Caudalie skincare products in white bathroom

Image courtesy of Caudalie SAS (all rights reserved)

6. Insider tips! What are the key beauty ingredients or skincare trends to look out for this year?

Essences are a big trend for this year. Influenced by Korean skincare routines, the purpose of the essence is to prepare the skin post-cleanse to receive a serum or cream. New to Caudalie’s Vinoperfect range (which targets pigmentation and dark spots) is the Concentrated Brightening Essence, which boosts the effects of the Radiance Serum from the same range. If you use the serum on its own you’ll notice improvements to skin after 46 days, however if you apply the essence beforehand, results are visible after just 28 days.

Another key trend for this year is the use of facial jade rollers. These are great for decongesting the skin and give it a nice glow thanks to the draining massage. Make sure you pop the roller in the fridge before use as it’ll give an extra boost to your circulation.

Facial with jade rollers

Image courtesy of Caudalie SAS (all rights reserved)

7. And finally – what do you get up to when you’re not creating beautiful skin?

After work I might have a drink with a friend or go out for dinner with colleagues. I’ve only recently moved to London so I love exploring the city’s diverse locations. I really enjoy Covent Garden and Camden Town, and with our new boutique now open in Islington I’m discovering that area which I’m liking the look of. I’m also really looking forward to discovering locations outside of London – I’ve heard Brighton is lovely, and Ireland and Scotland also sound very appealing. But sometimes I just go home and sleep after a long day at work!

If you have any burning questions you’d like to ask Angeline why not leave a comment below?


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