The beauty industry hasn’t had the best track record in terms of sustainable solutions. Excessive packaging is a big culprit, but many brands are now tackling this issue, either by reducing packaging, lightening it to reduce carbon footprint, or using recycled materials. A few months ago I worked on a project to reduce the use of virgin plastic in body care packaging by using recycled plastic, convincing brands to make the switch. The use of recycled material in the production of a new product is known as circular economy (which I cover in my post Top 6 Sustainable Beauty Habits), where materials are used and reused as many times as possible, reducing waste and the negative environmental impact. When Creightons Body Bliss Instagram account got in touch about promoting their range, I’d never heard of this British body care brand, but when I read about their bottles being made with 50% recycled plastic (and being of course 100% recyclable), I wanted to share and highlight this positive move towards more sustainable packaging. Plastic has been vilified in recent years, but I believe that as long as it is correctly recycled and reused for purposeful – rather than single use – packaging, there is no reason why it can’t be as good a solution (and sometimes better) than options such as glass. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, Body Bliss products are stocked in Boots so easily accessible, and so affordable that there’s no excuse not to make the switch to sustainably packaged hand and body care.

Creightons Body Bliss hand and body care

Body Bliss Raspberry & Pomegranate Hand Wash

As I opened the parcel of Body Bliss products I’d just received and laid them out on the table, this hand wash caught my three-year-old son’s attention. Possibly because the label is covered with enticing images of raspberries – his favourite fruit – all over it. when I explained to him that it was because there were raspberries in the hand wash, his face lit up and he immediately went to wash his hands with it. Now I have to admit this is not my favourite scent. It’s overly sweet and bubblegum-y for me, but my son is a fan. So much so that he won’t wash his hands with anything else. And he squirts about 5 pumps a go. But it’s never been so easy to get him to wash his hands. 500ml RRP £2.00

Creightons Body Bliss Raspberry and Pomegranate hand wash

Body Bliss Coconut Water Hand Wash

Now this coconut water scent is more up my street. All the deliciousness of summery coconut without the pina colada vibes. Coconut water does feature quite far down the ingredients list whereas fragrance is the fifth ingredient listed, so I’m guessing the latter plays a big part in this product’s scent. All formulas are free from parabens and microplastics (the use of plastic microbeads was banned in the UK in 2018) and each product has a high (around 90%) content of naturally derived ingredients. A little parenthesis here to clarify the difference between natural and naturally derived ingredients:

  • ‘natural’ means the ingredient retains its original form and is only processed in a way that won’t change its molecular structure. Oils for example can be ‘cold pressed’, flower petals can be steam-distilled.
  • ‘naturally derived’ means that a natural ingredient has been modified in its molecular structure through a chemical process. This is sometimes done in order to increase the ingredient’s potency or stabilize it in a way that our skin cells can benefit from it (like vitamin C)

In the case of a ‘naturally derived’ ingredient it depends how intense a modification process the ingredient has gone through as to how far removed it is from its original form. In the end the type of beauty product you endorse is a personal choice, but it is important to understand what is in your product in order to make an informed decision. I would not call these products natural in the pure sense of the term, however this does not make them unsuitable or undesirable. This hand wash leaves my hands feeling clean with no drying effect. 500ml RRP £2.00

Creightons Body Bliss range

Body Bliss Vanilla & Macadamia Hand Wash

This range is definitely – as expected – on the sweet side. But not in the bubblegum way of the Raspberry & Pomegranate Hand Wash. This scent feels moreish, with the vanilla reminding me of sponge cakes, never a bad thing in my book. And for £2.00 for half a litre of hand wash the value is pretty amazing. 500ml RRP £2.00

Body Bliss Vanilla & Macadamia Bath & Shower

If you’re into invigorating, sharp citrussy scents for your morning shower this isn’t it. But for leisurely evening baths this product feels super cocooning and fills my bathroom with wafts of vanilla. 500ml RRP £2.99

Creightons Body Bliss Vanilla and Macadamia range

Body Bliss Vanilla & Macadamia Hand & Body Lotion

If you’re a fan of layering fragrance (as shared in my post How to Wear Fragrance) a great starting point is to use the same scent in your shower gel and body lotion. These layers will intensify your chosen scent and make it last longer on skin. This body lotion has a pleasant consistency (I’m not a fan of thin lotions) but quickly sinks into skin without leaving a greasy residue so it’s ideal for rushed mornings post-shower as you can get dressed immediately after application. 400ml RRP £2.99

What is your favourite body care scent? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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