As a freelance beauty writer I’ve written a few features for bridal magazine Wedding Ideas, from what to pack for a minimoon to reviewing Caudalie’s facial treatment (bliss). So when I heard that Wedding Ideas was launching their first ever beauty awards, I jumped at the chance to review some of the product entries. I had a lot of fun discovering new indie brands as a judge for last year’s Clean Beauty Awards so was looking forward – as always – to discovering new beauty finds. Here are the 3 vegan and cruelty-free products that I put to the test and fed back on.

Beauty products from Chelsea Magazines beauty awards

Daytox Eye Wonder Firming Hyaluronic Eye Serum

This German brand is based in Hamburg and has been around for 20 years, offering a range of anti-pollution skincare products to fight free radicals. If you’re into skincare it’s highly likely you will already have come across free radicals. Probably more than once. So what are free radicals? They are atoms that have unpaired electrons in their outer shell. And because electrons like to be paired up, they are unstable and seek other molecules or atoms to bond to, in this case breaking down skin cells and causing signs of ageing such as fine lines (source: Medical News Today). What are we looking for in a skincare product to help tackle this? Antioxidants. These are molecules that fight free radicals in the body (source: Healthline). The body has its own supply but you can get a boost through certain fruits and vegetables (hello broccoli) as well as vitamins C and E. Which is why you’ll often find these ingredients in skincare. When it comes to free radicals, pollution is one of the key culprits, with particulate matter from exhaust pipes building up on the skin. But Daytox highlight that an unhealthy lifestyle can also be to blame: we’re talking stress – tick – alcohol – tick – and nicotine – thankfully I never went down that path. I’m always up for trying anything that’ll help tackle the negative effects of a London lifestyle and this eye serum is a pleasantly light and refreshing gel texture so it doesn’t overload the delicate eye area. I find that a little goes a long way to give a gently plumping effect, smoothing out fine lines. And if you need any reassurance in numbers, this eye serum is apparently ‘one of the best selling eye products at Waitrose’. Worth noting that even with the shipping charge of €8.50 it’s better value to buy it from the brand’s German website than Waitrose where you pay more for a smaller size. 30ml RRP €14.95 or 14ml RRP £24.00 from Waitrose

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty products

Umberto Giannini Flowerology Bergamot + Lemon Oil Super Serum

Made up of 97% natural ingredients, here is another serum, but for the hair. I’d never tried a hair serum before, and when I received this product I was immediately drawn to the bright yellow and flowery packaging, but I’ll admit I had no clue on the purpose of a hair serum. As much as I’m a skincare devotee, my hair does not enjoy the same level of attention. It’s a case of haircut and colour twice a year, shampoo and conditioner at home with the occasional dry shampoo/hairspray/salt spray thrown in. I can see the hairdresser’s face falling when they ask ‘so what’s your routine’ and I invariably answer with a flat ‘um, wash and go’. Well luckily this product fits perfectly into my fuss-free approach. I smooth 8 drops into the ends of my towel dry hair and twist up in a knot for frizz-free tousled waves, or blow dry for a perfectly smooth result in a matter of minutes. With bergamot, lemon oil, sunflower and cocoa seed oil, Umberto Giannini’s serum is particularly handy to protect and repair coloured and bleached hair – yes that’s me, especially throughout the summer, which is why this product made it in my top beauty treats to Beat the Summer Heat. 50ml RRP £5.40

Sensationail Nailtural Strengthener

Sensationail Nailtural Strengthener

I’ve previously expressed my love of bright and colourful nail polishes, which this clear treatment product obviously isn’t. BUT – I’m seriously impressed with the result it delivers. Sometimes my nails do need a repair treatment if they’re feeling a little brittle and soft, and just one coat of Sensationail Nailtural Strengthener applied to clean nails gives me a groomed and glossy finish, and keeps breakages and splitting ends at bay. Plus I don’t have to compromise on a splash of colour as this can be used as a base coat. I’m a big fan of Organic Glam nail enamels that boast a 4 free formula, avoiding synthetic chemicals DBP and Toluene as well as allergens Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin. This 85% plant-based little gem has a 10 free formula, excluding on top of the above 4 skin irritants, animal-derived ingredients and synthetic fragrance. 11ml RRP £10.90 

Have you tried any of these beauty products? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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