What is pink, smells of candy and cares for fluffy bunnies? No not Barbie (well maybe). Canadian beauty brand Cake Beauty offers cruelty-free hair and body care products that are unapologetically girlie, with packaging mostly ranging from pastel pink to fuchsia, and the scent reminiscent of a Mr Kipling recipe. But behind the cute girlie exterior are strong credentials: certified vegan and cruelty-free by Peta, Cake’s formulas are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates and talc. Currently available in the UK exclusively at Boots, will you be tempted by Cake’s super cute beauty offerings?

Cake hair care range with tea set

The Posh Wash

Wherever possible I try to minimise the range of shower products on display. With three very different people to cater for in the household (my fuss free husband, my eczema-prone toddler and my beauty blogger tendencies to trying out new beauty launches every week) it can sound challenging. For the most part my husband is perfectly content using whatever shampoo and shower gel I place on the shelf. Although he did have a little moan about Love Beauty and Planet’s incredibly floral Muru Muru Butter & Rose shower gel. And when I asked him if he would share this Cake shampoo with me, after a whiff of the super sweet scent his answer was ‘as a last resort’. I admit this product is very brazenly aimed at women. But does it actually work? It claims to extend that freshly washed feel to encourage less frequent hair washing and fend off pollutants for a glossy finish. I apply a 50p coin size amount to wet hair and massage into scalp. It lathers less than mainstream shampoos because it’s sulphate-free, meaning it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate typically used in shampoos to create a lathering effect and remove dirt from hair. The foam is easily rinsed off and my hair feels clean but not stripped. And the sweet smell doesn’t feel overpowering at all, I’m left with a very light scent only detectable when I put my nose in my hair (which I do). My hair stays looking clean for three days, which is the usual length of time I leave between washes. 295ml RRP £6.00

Cake hair care range in bathroom with pink towel

The Mane Manager

Any product that promises to save time on my beauty routine has my attention. So as I unboxed my Cake Beauty supplies, the item I made a bee-line for was this 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner. A multi-purpose product that I don’t have to spend time rinsing off – sounds right up my street. The triple action formula claims to untangle, hydrate and revive hair. After washing my hair with The Posh Wash, I spray onto damp hair post shower – focusing on the mid lengths and ends – and get another hit of sugary sweet scent. As with the shampoo, it dies down quite quickly so you’re not left with people around you asking if you work in a candy factory. I brush through my hair with a round bristle brush with ease, so it looks like The Mane Manager has lived up to its first claim of untangling, like a wash off conditioner would do. I then blow dry my hair straight for a smooth finish. The coconut oil in the formula provides that moisturising action and my hair does feel soft, so that’s another tick. I usually wash my hair every 3 days but by the third day my hair was looking and feeling greasy, as well as weighed down and flat. I love the ease of use on this product and the result in the first couple of days, but this coconut oil formula possibly works better on thicker and drier hair. And I would definitely stay clear of roots, spraying only on the bottom section of hair. 120ml RRP £8.99

Cake The Mane Manager conditioner

The Smooth Move

I don’t do hair masks often enough. My haircare used to be as basic as shampoo + conditioner, until I discovered Umberto Giannini Flowerology Serum which I now apply to my hair’s dry ends as my third and final step before blow drying. I was also nervous of overloading my roots with over-rich product that would drag everything down. But I could get used to applying this once a week. Rich with nourishing avocado and grape seed oils, the thick white paste is applied to clean wet hair from root to tip. I leave it on for the recommended 5 minutes then rinse off. After a quick blow dry my hair is smoother, particularly the dry ends which look healthier. And everything feels so soft. You can leave the mask on overnight too as a treatment for an extra boost. I reckon you can get 4 applications out of this pouch, and for this price it feels worth it. 50ml RRP £2.99 

Cake hair care range flatlay

The Wave Maker

For fuss-free hair, my go to in the summer months is a salt spray for that beachy tousled look. I hardly ever use a hairdryer in hot weather, so a few spritzes to damp hair and leaving it to naturally dry offers the quickest styling option. Rather than just featuring the typical salt ingredient though, The Wave Maker also uses sugar, which is a perfect fit for Cake Beauty’s concept. Out of the four products I’ve tested here, this is my favourite scent: it’s sweet but subtle and softer thanks to delicate notes of almond. I spray onto the ends and mid sections of damp, combed through hair, scrunch with my hands and leave to air dry. The result is textured and naturally wavy. Definitely a summer staple for rush-out-of-the-door hair. 120ml RRP £8.99

If you’re into sweet scents and cute packaging, Cake Beauty is for you. The super girlie pink bottles and cake-scented formulas scream kawaii vibes, but beyond this saccharine exterior make no mistake that Cake Beauty knows how to deliver products that deliver a great result. Have any of these hair care products grabbed your attention? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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