You know how you can be completely oblivious to something until this one time it’s brought to your attention and now you see it everywhere? That’s how I feel about Arbonne. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years but until last year had never heard of the US beauty and nutrition brand that relies on a global network of self-employed consultants to spread the word and sell its wares. Since meeting an Arbonne consultant at a wellness show though I feel like I keep coming across this brand: at events, on social media, through friends. My first Arbonne foray saw me trial the It’s a Long Story mascara, followed a few months later by a review on foundation and lip colour. Time to now delve into their skincare with the RE9 Advanced range, a collection of certified vegan anti-ageing products.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced skincare mini tubes in a row on a beige background

The RE9 Advanced range

On receiving this cute little set of minis the first thing I noticed was the clever paint by numbers information on the front of each tube: the number shows you in which order to use the product, and the sun and moon icons specify whether to use the product in the morning or evening. Now I do know a thing or two about skincare, but at 6.30am when blurry eyed and still half asleep, a clearly marked 1-2-3 step routine does help, especially when there are 6 products to use. I’m assuming this is replicated on the full size products, at least I hope so as it’s probably my favourite feature of this range.

RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser

Vitamin C is the star ingredient throughout this line up in the form of sustainable orange stem cells which help improve the appearance of skin radiance and firmness. The facial cleanser’s pearlescent formula lightly foams on contact with water to gently cleanse skin, leaving skin feeling soft and clean but not stripped of its oils. I find it works well on removing light makeup, but for mascara and heavier formulas you may want to double cleanse with a balm like Elemis’ Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm first. 90ml RRP £36.00

Arbonne RE9 Advanced skincare mini tubes flatlay on a stripy beige background

RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner

The full size version of this product comes with a spray so you can spritz the toner straight after cleansing. The sample version however comes in a tube so I pour some liquid into the palm of my hands and gently press into skin straight after using the cleanser. Like the rest of the collection, the non-drying alcohol-free toner is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to witch hazel and vitamin B3 skin feels soothed, refreshed and ready for the next step. 50ml RRP £32.00

RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum

Squeezing the serum tube produces a gloopy blob of greige formula. Not the best start but I’m quickly won over by the light silky texture and quickly sinks into skin. Enriched in brown algae extract (aah that would explain the murky colour) and sea buckthorn oil, the serum focuses on moisturising the skin’s outer layer. Having only used this serum for one week (the downside of minis) I can’t vouch for its long term effect on my fine lines, but it definitely leaves my skin feeling balanced and prepped for the moisturising phase. 30ml RRP £52.00

RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Cream

For all my skincare know-how I still remain guilty of ignoring/disregarding my eye area which would benefit from a little TLC. The delicate skin requires a hydrating lotion that isn’t too heavy and ideally can tackle those dark under eye circles, not to mention puffiness. The RE9 Advanced eye cream is a delight to use, just the right thickness and viscosity, it delivers a hit of much needed hydration, with caffeine helping to de-puff the area – also much needed after regularly getting just 6 hours’ sleep – whilst the omni-present vitamin C in the orange stem cells improves the appearance of fine lines. 15g RRP £49.00

Arbonne RE9 Advanced anti-ageing mini tubes on white background with fruit

RE9 Advanced Restorative Cream SPF20

The final step in the Arbonne RE9 Advanced morning skincare routine is the moisturiser. There’s a choice between the standard one or the extra rich one for drier skin. In my twenties I probably would have opted for the first cream but my thirties have brought on dehydrated skin and a need for more nourishing formulas so I instinctively lean towards the richer one. Ideally I would probably apply the restorative cream on my t-zone and the extra moisture one on my cheeks and neck. Both benefit from SPF20, a feature that is increasingly sought out by health conscious customers keen to avoid sun damage and uneven skin tone. Skin feels satisfyingly quenched without the tacky feel of some creams which make foundation application tricky. 50g RRP £55.00

RE9 Advanced Night Repair Cream

For my night time routine I simply swapped the restorative cream for this repair cream. The texture feels similar to the Extra Moisture day version and boasts some of the same key ingredients as the rest of the range: vitamin C for a moisture boost and peptides for a smooth finish. There doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the day and night creams except for the SPF, it delivers the same feeling of hydrated – but not over saturated – balanced skin. 50g RRP £75.00

Have you tried this anti-ageing range from Arbonne ? What skincare routine are you currently into ? Leave a comment below to let me know.

All products photographed are samples

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