This blogpost is long overdue. So overdue that I’ve actually already posted about one of these haircare products in last month’s beauty empties review. When I was drafting my last post about French pharmacy classics, The Best French Pharmacy Cult Beauty Products, Klorane kindly gifted me a set of their bestselling Camomile shampoo and conditioner, as well as their Oat Milk duo. I wanted to dedicate a separate review to this haircare collection then somehow got side-tracked onto other beauty topics. I’ve been using these two shampoo and conditioner combinations throughout the last four months and they deserve a proper shout out, not just because they’ve been keeping the whole family’s hair clean and healthy, but because this French botanical brand has been a close to constant feature in my haircare routine throughout the years. Klorane shampoo has been a family staple since my teenage years when I was a regular user, to the last few years as a sporadic user, borrowing whatever Klorane option featured in my parents’ bathroom on my quarterly visits back home. I have come full circle and not only re-discovered this French pharmacy brand, but introduced it to my own family.

Klorane Camomile Shampoo

For any blond heads this is a classic, the go-to range for any type of blond hair, from natural blondes to those with highlights, colour-treated or bleached hair. In French terms, it’s the John Frieda Sheer Blonde equivalent but with a more natural stance. In high school even one of my brunette friends would turn to this shampoo every summer like clockwork to enhance her sun-bleached highlights. Enriched with concentrated camomile to help brighten blonde hair, it naturally lightens hair without disrupting the hair fibre. It is so gentle – no synthetic colourants, no bleach, no sodium chloride – that it can be used for the whole family, including children from the age of 3. With my husband’s dark blonde hue, my son’s head of white blonde hair and my highlighted tresses, this shampoo works for all of us, meaning we can all reach for one family-size bottle rather than crowd the bathroom with three different variants (I stuff what little space we have with my ever-growing skincare collection anyway). 400ml RRP £13.00

Klorane Camomile Conditioner

This biodegradable creamy conditioner works in tandem with the Camomile shampoo to brighten blond and light brown hair, as well as nourish hair so it’s soft to the touch. I am the only one in our household who uses the conditioner and I tend to apply a generous amount, so the big shampoo bottle size and the smaller conditioner tube work out perfectly for my family’s needs, with both products finishing more or less at the same time – perfect timing. I’ve recently got into the habit of leaving the conditioner on for 20 minutes or more when I take a more indulgent bubble bath rather than a quick and efficient shower, but that has a tendency to leave my scalp feeling a little itchy, so if yours is on the sensitive side too I’d recommend keeping the conditioner on for just a few minutes, applying just to mid lengths and ends to reduce scalp contact, or simply to switch to the Oat Milk option which is one of the gentlest ranges I’ve ever used. 200ml RRP £10.00

Klorane Oat Milk Shampoo

There are so many incredibly efficacious skincare ingredients on the market, from brightening vitamin C to skintone-evening niacinamide and anti-ageing bio-retinol, we are spoilt for choice. But when it comes to sensitive, delicate and eczema-prone skin, the one ingredient I always turn to is oat, which you’ll find in Aveeno’s skincare and bodycare range for babies and adults. I’ve always depended on this brand’s products to help keep eczema at bay, so it’s no surprise that this oat milk shampoo is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and for the whole family (from the age of 3). My hair feels soft and moisturised, but most importantly my scalp is itch-free. For some reason I’ve struggled to find the large 400ml format online, so sharing the details of the standard size. 200ml RRP £8.00

Klorane Oat Milk Conditioner

The accompanying conditioner works to strengthen and protect weak thin hair with a lightweight and super gentle formula enriched in oat milk and glycerin. As far as conditioning goes, this is as gentle as it gets, providing nourished, soft hair and zero irritation. 200ml RRP £10.00

Do you have a beauty family favourite that you always come back to? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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