The first time my sister saw this manicure she likened it to Madam Mim in Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. You know, when she falls ill and has green skin, red spots and purple hair. There’s also my husband’s reaction which wasn’t much better: *silence* then ‘it’s very childish isn’t it?’ followed by ‘what do you want me to say?’ So a Disney witch reference (and we’re not talking fierce Maleficent) or bubblegum girlie look, depending on how you look at it. If you’re after a more sophisticated look check out this post, otherwise read on.


1. Ingredients

Nail Polish Remover: Cutex Non-Acetone

This nail polish remover works on natural as well as artifical nails. I tend to stick to my natural nails and this product effeciently removes all trace of polish without having to rub vigorously and without leaving nails and cuticles feeling dry and stripped. There is nothing gimmiky about it or any wild claims that don’t stack up, it’s a straightforward product that does what it says it’ll do.

Dotting Tool: Peggy Sage

Bought in France, this is a bit of a strange one as it’s called a marbling tool rather than a dotting tool. Not sure why because it’s clearly used to make dots. And the product description on their site refers to a wooden handle and metal points, but the item is entirely made of plastic. Maybe something got lost in translation. Either way it’s a good tool, I haven’t found it in the UK but there are plenty of similar options on Etsy.


Nail polish: Lavender, Mint and Pink

You can go for any 3 shades of your choice really, the ones I chose here are pastel and ideal for spring, but if you’re looking for more subtlety you could try nude nails, no accent nail and dove grey dots. I would stay away from red dots though as it can look like flecks of blood (tried and tested, that’s the reaction I got), unless of course it’s Halloween.

The shades I have used no longer exist at retail but I have included links to equivalent ones above. 

Top Coat: Revlon Liquid Quick Dry

I have previously highlighted the benefits of letting your nails dry while tapping away at your keyboard, but if that option isn’t available to you then Revlon’s top coat is a great alternative. It sets in less than a minute and gives your manicure a high shine finish lasting up to a week (that’s with no washing up, no scrubbing bathroom tiles and no running after an over-zealous toddler).

2. Method

Before starting make sure you have a clean base: old polish removed, cuticles pushed back, nails filed and cream-free to ensure the polish adheres properly to the nail.

Apply two coats of the mint shade to your ring finger’s nail, then follow up with two coats of the lavender shade to the remaining nails. I used to start with the main shade and would invariably paint ALL nails in the same colour, forgetting all about the accent shade. I know I know, it’s really not that complicated, but old habits die hard. Tidy up any mishaps by dipping a cotton bud into the polish remover and gently swiping around the nail.


Next take the dotting tool and dip the larger tip into the pink polish to create haphazard dots on all nails.

Wait one minute before applying a top coat and lightly brush on, et voilà! Disney witch nails or spring manicure, whichever way you see it you probably won’t get many men on board with this one. And that’s fine by me.

What do you think of this polarising manicure? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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