I love how this blog has given me the opportunity to rediscover beauty brands I hadn’t used in years. And not because I’d discounted them as rubbish or unsuited to my skin, but because working in the beauty industry means I’m often flitting from one product to the next, trying to experience as many trends as possible, always searching for the next miracle potion. So when I had the opportunity to rediscover Balance Me I was excited to see what was new with this natural British skincare brand focusing on bringing balance to skin. Launched in 2005 by sisters Clare (passionate about aromatherapy) and Rebecca (a reflexologist with a beauty background), Balance Me uses buzzwords such as self-care, wellbeing, natural and, of course, balance. A brand that promotes itself as a bridge between beauty and wellbeing. Here I review 7 products to find out if this description fits the experience.

Balance Me natural skincare products

Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum

The first thing I notice is how different the packaging looks to last time Balance Me and I crossed paths. As explained by the founding sisters, ‘the redesign features two circles that represent two elements coming together: the founding sisters, nature + science, work + life, physical results + daily wellbeing. Everything about the design is perfectly balanced’. I like an easy to follow colour-coded system to guide me through product ranges (Murad does this well) and with the muted colours – no shouty shades here – I can see at a glance which products promote sleep, which ones are glow givers and which hydrate. This purple-coded serum renews skin thanks to bakuchiol, an ingredient you’ll be coming across a lot this year. A plant-based alternative to retinol, it’s known for its skin-healing properties which can improve texture and reduce fine lines. The texture is what I consider classic serum: light, gel-like and easily absorbed, with no tacky residue. I was surprised this small 7ml tube was for sale rather than specifically for sampling purposes: it’s difficult to judge results from one week’s use, all I can say is my skin felt hydrated and plumped with no irritation. 7ml RRP £10.00

Balance Me Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Repair Serum

I was however much more excited about trialling this serum. An award-winning product, featuring one of my favourite skincare ingredients – vitamin C – and with the promise of reducing pigmentation, I was sold. The texture feels milkier in consistency than the Bakuchiol serum, and the scent of neroli adds a touch of spa to my morning skincare routine. I’m not sure yet about its effects on my pigmentation, but my skin does look brighter, so for that it makes it as my second favourite Balance Me product. 30ml RRP £32.00

Gradual Tanning Drops

So what’s my number one? These tanning drops. Now that I’ve sworn off sunbathing – I say after a day at the beach with a sunburnt forehead – I’m on the lookout for tanning products that will provide a realistic sun kissed look without the tell-tale streaks, biscuit scent and orange tint. I mix 3 drops to the Collagen Boost moisturiser and notice no difference. OK, it’s meant to be gradual, so the following morning I repeat the process and am rewarded with a beautifully healthy glow. Result. I add another 3 drops on the 3rd morning and achieve a delicate and believable tan. The fourth morning in a row feels like I’ve taken it too far and the tan starts to look a little patchy, loosing some of its radiance. So the perfect balance for me is to apply 3 days in a row (or 2 for a glow rather than a tan), followed by a couple of days’ gap before reapplying every other day. These drops are so versatile though you can tailor the result to achieve exactly what you’re after (as long as you’re not after a deep unnatural looking tan), either by adjusting the dose per application or the frequency of application. 30ml RRP £30.00

Balance Me

Collagen Boost Moisturiser

Sometimes a product can impress by its simplicity. This cream looks and feels like a moisturiser that, well, hydrates. So far so bland. But what makes this Collagen Boost stand out is that it’s so gentle. I’ve rarely come across such a soft cream. Apart from the satisfying results of plumped, smooth skin, it feels like applying a weightless cloud of cashmere on your skin. On days when skin can feel a little fragile, this is what I reach out for. 50ml RRP £26.00

Beauty Sleep Candle

Sleep: whether it’s quantity or quality, it’s increasingly one of our biggest health goals, so it’s no wonder beauty sleep ranges are gaining momentum. And what better way to combine beauty and wellbeing benefits. This beautiful soy wax candle comes in a simple jar sprayed a soothing off-white. The blend of cedarwood and lavender essential oils helps to relax and relieve tension, so it’s a perfect addition to my bedtime ritual. 220g RRP £25.00

Balance Me Beauty Sleep range

Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist

Before turning my bedside lamp off I spritzed this aromatic mist (reviewed in my face mists round up post) featuring lavender and hemp seed extract, both conducive to a good night’s sleep. The hyaluronic acid adds a hydrating element but beware of spraying directly onto your face. I initially sprayed it right bang in the middle of my face, before reading the directions of use and realising I’m supposed to spray into my HANDS first, inhale the scent, then press onto my CHEST AND NECK. Oops. Once I get it right it’s a much more pleasant experience. 45ml RRP £20.00

Balance Me Beauty Sleep hyaluronic mist

Beauty Sleep CBD concentrate

I know my sense of smell isn’t the most refined or sensitive, but applying this concentrate solely to pulse points seems a bit of a shame when it smells so good. This aromatic CBD-rich blend makes me want to breathe it in deeply and benefit from its sleep-inducing actives, so I also apply it right below my nose. I don’t care if that’s weird, after a few blissful deep breaths I’m typically out in what feels like a matter of seconds. 8ml RRP £35.00

Have you recently rediscovered a beauty brand or product you hadn’t used in ages? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

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