One of the perks of working in beauty is the chance to discover emerging beauty trends before they hit the shelves. But which ones have longevity and which fizzle out the minute they hit peak hype? From charcoal in my face wash to caviar beads on my nails (so pretty but so impractical), I’m always trying to second guess their lifespan. And one I hadn’t foreseen lasting as long is the sheet mask. I mentioned previously that the first time I came across one was when a Chinese factory I was working with to develop hotel toiletries sent sample bottles wrapped in dry sheet masks, using them instead of bubble wrap. I had no idea what this scary-looking item’s purpose was, but a few months later it made its way into British drugstores, and the year after that I was filling my suitcase with all sorts of sheet masks during a trip to South Korea, AKA the sheet mask homeland. But why stop at your face when you could be sheet masking other body parts? It seems that despite its poor sustainability credentials, the sheet mask is one trend that is well and truly embedded in our skincare routines.

Hand holding four sheet masks

BeautyPro CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask

CBD oil is another trend that has exploded onto the beauty scene and shows no sign of slowing down – no wonder, as it perfectly taps into our current craving for anything labelled as a wellness product. Which is exactly what I was after when I used this mask. I had just come out of an aggressive bout of gastroenteritis bug (thanks to my lovely 3-year-old who picks up anything that’s going at nursery – I’m waiting for the day he comes back with a head full of lice). My skin was parched and in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Deeply hydrating and with the calming aromatic scent of CBD oil, this was exactly what my skin needed. I can recommend this cure to bring back a revitalised appearance. 22ml RRP £5.95

Pumpkin and CBD oil infused sheet masks

BeautyPro Hand Therapy Collagen Infused Glove

This is probably the most unsexy beauty product I’ve ever tried. Not that a pot of moisturiser is particularly sexy, but at least it doesn’t make me look like I’m about to clean the loo. I was intrigued by this product, having never seen a sheet mask for hands before. For some weird reason it’s referred to as a ‘glove’ – singular – on the pack, as if there’d be instances where you would only want to apply anti-ageing treatment to one hand. Luckily the pack does contain two white gloves soaked in white goo containing marine collagen, glycerin, shea butter, olive oil and citrus extracts (lemon, orange and lime) for a deeply moisturising result. The best feature for me is the removable fingertip, so you can continue doing most tasks whilst your hands get a super boost of hydration. When I take the gloves off after 20 minutes the skin on my hands look plumped and smooth, more so than with most hand creams I’ve tried. Just don’t wear them to bed, they are an instant mood killer. 17g RRP £4.95

BeautyPro Hair Therapy Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Similar to a sheet mask, this gives your hair an intense treatment if regular conditioner is just not hitting the spot. After washing my hair and towel drying it, I unfold the mask which looks a little like a shower cap. As with the hand therapy gloves, the inside of the cap is smeared with formula enriched in argan oil and jojoba seed oil. I stuff all my hair inside then tighten the cap around my head thanks to the adhesive. I leave it on for 15 minutes then thoroughly rinse and blow dry. The result is impressive: my hair is sleek, smooth and super soft. This is the kind of result I typically only get from a salon treatment. 30g RRP £8.95

BeautyPro hand and hair sheet masks

Natura Pumpkin Infused Sheet Mask

I’ve reviewed Natura sheet masks previously and really enjoyed the wide range of plant-rich formulas on offer. The brand certainly features some interesting ingredients (potato and parsley eye mask anyone?) that are more likely to feature in kitchen cupboards than bathroom cabinets, but I had to give this pumpkin one a go. After discovering – and loving – Moor Spa’s pumpkin peel I was keen to try another collagen boosting pumpkin product on my face. This PETA certified cruelty-free vegan sheet mask is 100% made from plants without being bulked out with water. I don’t get the same warming smell of pumpkin I got from Moor Spa’s peel but it is nevertheless the first ingredient on the list, closely followed by okra and wild yam. As with the other masks in the range, the biodegradable bamboo sheet has holes for eyes and lips that are actually big enough for western shaped facial features, although it doesn’t quite stretch to my jaw line. After a 20 minute application my skin feels comfortably hydrated without leaving an overly wet and sticky residue. 22ml RRP £5.95

What’s the most unusual sheet mask you’ve tried? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

Features gifted product.

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