As a relatively new parent I’m still amazed at the number of ‘baby essentials’ we’re encouraged to purchase. From video monitors to stroller accessories and car seats, writing a baby checklist is not for the faint-hearted or cash strapped. And that doesn’t even cover toys. British parents are the 2nd biggest spenders worldwide (after Australia) on toys, spending close to $500 a year per child. Enough Lego for every child to build his own home, complete with guest room and walk-in wardrobe. When it comes to body care for your little one, requirements will very much vary. Sharing bath products as a family certainly has economical advantages but that doesn’t take into consideration personal preferences or different skin types. As a beauty junkie I love to try new hair care and body care whilst relying on a few select tried and tested items that I’ve come to rely on (Aveeno moisturiser for my eczema-prone skin being a case in point). Many heavily fragranced shower gels I wouldn’t want to put on my baby’s sensitive skin, and he certainly doesn’t need John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Shampoo. Last year Dove launched its baby bath range in the UK and my friend Claire who worked for Dove (you can read her beauty insider Q&A herekindly gifted my newborn a beautiful set of products specifically tailored to a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Baby Dove range featuring shampoo, head to toe wash, lotion and nappy cream

Rich Moisture Shampoo

As a brand Dove has a fantastic reputation for providing nourishing bath and body care. I still remember the creamy soap bar I used as a student which left my skin feeling soft and cocooned rather than stripped from all its oils. I’m mindful of what I put on my baby’s skin, as far as my toddler is concerned, the less I apply the better. As a newborn he was simply bathed in water, but once he started commando crawling and rubbing carrot puree into his hair a little soap and shampoo was needed. I apply one squirt of liquid to hands and massage it into my little one’s wet hair. To avoid getting too much product into his eyes when rinsing off I put a flannel to his forehead as a barrier, but even if soapy water goes get through it doesn’t seem to cause distress, so I’m guessing the formulation is gentle enough not to irritate his eyes. Baby Dove’s shampoo is pH neutral meaning that it respects skin’s natural moisture, leaving it soft and gently smelling of Dove’s instantly recognisable clean scent. 200ml RRP £1.90

Baby laughing

Photo by Amy Scaife at Love & Adventures

Rich Moisture Head to Toe Wash

Did I mention my baby initially loved to commando crawl is way around the flat? Rather than going for the traditional crawling on all fours he would painstakingly drag his belly and legs on the floor using just his forearms to move his body forward, as if he was in the trenches. If he’d continued that way he would no doubt have developed the physique of a body builder: all bulging muscles at the top and spindly legs at the bottom. Luckily he’s now a relatively well proportioned toddler but he certainly went through a phase of wiping the floor clean with his body. The state that left him in didn’t say much for my house cleaning skills. As this product’s name indicates, Baby Dove’s head to toe wash can be used on the whole body including hair, a great all-in-one option that is tear-free and super mild to provide gentle moisture replenishment. 200ml RRP £1.90

Baby Dove range with cuddly toy penguin

Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Lotion 

As I mentioned in my Aveeno post a couple of weeks ago I tend to be careful with what I put on my toddler’s sensitive skin. There was a little trial and error period (Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath was a fail), and whilst wash-off products such as shampoo are less of an issue, leave-on products like body lotions I was particularly careful with. I had established a suitable skincare routine (is there such a concept for babies?), applying a thick heavy balm prescribed by the GP on eczema-prone areas and Aveeno’s Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion everywhere else. But come summer the balm just felt too heavy and sticky so I opted for this fragrance free lotion. I rub it into my little one’s skin straight after his bath when it’s still damp and the fluid easily sinks in. 200ml RRP £1.90

Mother and baby

Photo by Amy Scaife at Love & Adventures

Rich Moisture Nappy Rash Cream

Unfortunately nappy rash is just one of those things that every baby – and therefore parent – goes through, whether due to the nappy rubbing against sensitive skin or the use of alcohol-based baby wipes. I sporadically use cloth nappies on my baby and although these are great for the environment – being washable and reusable rather than perishing in a land field for the next 500 years – they’re just not as absorbing and if not changed regularly can cause a red sore rash. Baby Dove’s Nappy Rash Cream, like most other nappy creams, works as a protective barrier between baby’s irritated skin and any fabric rubbing or wetness. I apply it over the affected area in a thin layer at every nappy change for the next 12 hours, which is usually how long a mild rash takes to clear up. 45g £3.50

I wasn’t sure if a post about baby skincare products actually counted as beauty… it may be a stretch! Although I would happily use the Baby Dove range on my own skin so I think it does warrant a review. Have you tried this range (for you or your little one)? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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